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Electronic dance music DJ, techno producer and founder of the music label, UNCAGE are all titles belonging to the one and only Marco Faraone. Born in Tuscany, Faraone was raised in a household immersed in music. His own father was a DJ working on a local radio station in the 1980s, and his grandfather performed as a talented folk singer and musician. Taking inspiration from his childhood role models, Faraone leapt into his initial DJ career with the style and sound of his first and most modest collection dominated by the influence of many hip-hop records. Later on, with years of experience and education, Faraone’s sound progressed to a unique incorporation of drums and bass. However, he eventually developed a penetrating and insightful techno feel, which he is currently most known for.

Once he found his unique and captivating techno sound, Faraone was offered a residency at Florence’s most renowned club, famous around the globe, Tenax. A consistent spot at Tenax meant that Faraone quickly leveled up from scrappy newbee to one of the most admired names in modern techno. This was a huge break for Faraone’s career as it opened him up to opportunities to perform at places like Fabric, Panorama Bar and Amnesia beside some of the greatest names in the industry.

Any person who claims to be a fan familiar with Marco Faraone’s work, as a DJ, producer and label owner, will definitely be privy to the fact that his style and sound are nearly impossible to nail down. Faraone’s creations have been released from some of the scene’s most esteemed labels like Drumcode and Defected, in addition to his very own imprint, UNCAGE. Now working from Ibiza, Faraone released more than 40 original songs in the form of 2 albums and various EPs in 2020 and came out with his latest album release, Our Freedom, in 2021.