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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Mason Collective is made up of three Manchester-born DJs and producers - Blair Suarez, Adam Myles, and Omar Guedar. Mason Collective reaches far beyond just creating and releasing music, the group hosts underground warehouse parties, they launched their own record label, have participated in several fashion collaborations and are even producing a music festival called MVSON WORLD.

The group started making a name for themselves by ingraining themselves in Manchester’s underground electronic music scene. They created MVSON events which soon became a staple in the community. Each event was curated with a specific theme and dress code, and quickly became a fan favorite creating quite the loyal following. The MVSON brand has expanded across the UK and continues to work on new projects.

On top of being recognized across Europe as pioneers of the multi-faceted music brand, they are also widely recognized internationally. Fans can find them listed on a wide variety of lineups all around the world including shows in the United States.

Mason Collective being the innovative group that they are, launched their very own record label in 2019. The independent label “Whippin” will expand the trio’s mission and become the all-encompassing home to a wide range of artists sourced from all over. The launch of the label, in combination with all of the group’s other endeavors will surely catapult them to great heights as a household name internationally.

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