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Len Faki is a DJ and producer, and label boss who has remained at the forefront of techno since he became a resident at Berghain when the dance music establishment opened in 2004. Being ever present in such a breeding ground for the genre, his sound is always ahead of the curve, driving the conversation that keeps techno relevant.

Prior to his residency at Berghain, he was already managing respected techno labels, Monoid and Feis, and in 2003 he started his own label, Figure which has hosted music from longstanding tastemakers like Faki, Cleric, Roman Poncet, and Regal.

Figure continues to operate today with well over 100 releases in its catalog, and Faki also founded another label, Podium, in 2006, which, despite its limited output remains a tome in the evolution of techno.

Then in 2007, Faki released one of his most notable tracks, “Mekong Delta” on the Berghain label Ostgut Ton, which immediately became a classic. With a new wave of attention, Faki churned out more techno hits including "My Black Sheep” and “Odyssee II."

True to his explorative nature, this newfound success motivated him to start yet another label, Figure SPC, in 2009. A more conceptual label, Figure SPC stripped away ornamentation from the music, naming most releases after a single letter of the alphabet and sharing music that is pure and raw in its presentation.

That same year Faki released “Berghain 03,” his first mix CD. The collection featured tracks from impressive artists like Radio Slave, and spread Faki’s unmistakable sound to a wider, commercial audience.

It’s been over a decade since the release of that CD and Faki remains one of the most in-demand artists on the techno circuit. His name is commonplace on lineups all over the world, but his soul remains in Berghain, where techno continues to thrive.

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