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Olivier Weiter seems to have music from the Dutch techno scene running through his veins. As a young producer and DJ, he was thrilled by the GZG Amsterdam warehouse raves in the early 2010s. While out clubbing in Berlin, he honed his skills in curating marathon setlists made for the dancefloor. And finally, in the basement of Bar TwentySeven, he dedicated himself to endless after-hour DJing sessions. It’s obvious that to Weiter, house music is a way of life.

Weiter debuted on Click Records in 2014 with “Two Guys One Click,” a collaborative single made with Gabriel Ananda. His contribution to the record, “Jay the Shaman,” has the signature, mystical Weiter sound that would eventually earn him the title “house music’s shaman.” By the next year, he was releasing tracks on his own imprint, the newly formed WEITER label. But off of his own label, the producer has also released tracks with acclaimed recording companies like Sudbeat, 3000grad, Filth on Acid, Ritual, and more.

As a self-proclaimed “dancefloor addict,” Weiter lives up to the title. At popular Berlin clubs like Wilde Renate, Katerblau & Sysiphos, he’s known for his impressive marathon sets, which can sometimes stretch over 10 hours. His infamous shows at Paradiso featured “extra long, extremely dirty” sets and uninhibited self-expression from “house music’s shaman.” And since shamans often fit in well at dance music festivals, Weiter has also been extremely welcomed and well-received at numerous clubs and festivals worldwide, from Canada, Brazil, Argentina, India, Mexico, and all over Europe.

When he’s not running his label or performing marathon sets, Weiter also hosts a monthly radio show, which represents the sound of his imprint. Fans can tune in on Dutch national radio, or through Soundcloud and iTunes, to hear a blend of Weiter’s personal favorite tracks, live recordings, and guest mixes.

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