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With a career spanning two decades, OXIA stands tall as one of France's most revered DJs and producers in the vibrant world of house music. He has relentlessly swept through continents with intensive touring, leaving crowds spellbound with his magnetic beats.

From the inception, OXIA's journey has been etched with remarkable achievements. He's amassed an impressive repertoire of releases and remixes on prestigious labels like Kompakt, Knee Deep In Sound, Hot Creations, and more. His prowess extends even further, as he's set up his own label, Diversions Music, providing a platform for his distinct creations.

Collaborations have been a cornerstone of OXIA's path. His creative synergies with luminaries like Miss Kittin, Agoria, and Nicolas Masseyeff have birthed unforgettable musical experiences. Notably, alongside Nicolas, he unveiled Diversions Music in 2016, cementing their authority in the scene.

OXIA's impact reverberates through legendary tracks like "Domino," which saw a triumphant re-release on Agoria's Sapiens label, complete with a cascade of stunning remixes. His remixes, including those for Moby and his contributions to Moan and Diversions Music, underscore his prowess in reshaping soundscapes. For five consecutive years, he's cast his sonic spell at Amnesia Ibiza's Music On, a testament to his enduring appeal.

In 2019, he breathed fresh life into John Digweed & Nick Muir's "Satellite" on Bedrock, while his remix of Black Circle's track on Radiant resonated deeply. 2021 burst forth with OXIA's remix of Joseph Capriati's "Beautiful Morning," followed by the ethereal "Shadows" collaboration with Yannick Baudino on All Day I Dream Summer Sampler.

2022 heralded fresh sonic explorations. OXIA remixed Popof's "Serenity" on Form Music, setting the tone for a year of musical expansion. October witnessed his remix of Dense & Pika's "Apache" and a remix EP for the iconic track "Connivence," celebrating six years of Diversions Music with resounding flair.

OXIA's sonic voyage, enriched by collaborations, monumental performances, and his label's evolution, continues to enrapture house music enthusiasts across the globe. His music remains a testament to his enduring commitment and innovation, etching his name in the annals of electronic music.

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