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The Giessen born DJ, producer, and radio show host, Chris Liebing has been active on the scene since 1990, making him an icon of the techno genre. What truly sets this artist apart are his explosive live sets and rhythmic command. He is known to many as one of the first DJs who used the digitization of music in a unique and creative way. Liebing continues to use various software and hardware during his live performances to keep his sets fresh and his audience engaged.

The German native opened up his career by mixing mainly hip-hop, pop, soul, and house music. However, his passion for electronic music grew and moved him to open up his own club named Spinclub in 1994. Though his two first record labels, Soap Records and Fine Audio, respectively, shut down with minimal releases, some of the projects launched under the latter imprint received worldwide recognition.

Since then Liebing has catapulted himself and others by way of his long standing imprint CLR which was founded in 1999. This same year the artist began receiving recognition for his work, with popular magazines dubbing him “best national DJ”, “best producer”, and “best remixer” on a regular basis. With such a heavy focus on releasing remixes himself, Liebing decided to launch the pure-remix label CLRetry in 2001. Apart from helping others release music on both of  his labels, the techno powerhouse’s reach extends into the community via a podcast that ran from 2009-2015, a radio show, and a talk show called DJs & Beers.

With a career that spans over three decades, Liebing’s friendly demeanor and charming smile continue to make him extremely recognizable in the modern electronic music landscape. His ability to read a crowd and unquestionable talent in the studio makes him one of the most sought after DJs worldwide. He has performed at dance events such as Love Parade, Mayday, Nature One, Rave On Snow, and Time Warp, has played sets at Space and Amnesia, and continues to tour heavily today.

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