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While the playful name might suggest otherwise, Porky (real name: David Leon) is dead serious about partying. He's the wildcard of Desert Hearts, the San Diego-based collective renowned for shaking the underground scene with their signature deep, dark, and eccentric house and techno vibes.

Growing up in San Diego, Leon's earliest influences trace back to his older brother, Mikey Lion, and to soul-stirring experiences at events like Lightning in a Bottle and Black Rock City. Over the past couple of years, his reputation has skyrocketed, both for his magnetic DJ skills and his exuberant persona, making him every bit the life of the party.

Porky has showcased his talent across varied settings - from the enchanting jungles of Tulum and the iconic Burning Man plains to the widely-acclaimed bi-annual Desert Hearts festivals in Southern California. The group's transformation from an underground favorite to a global dance music sensation stands as one of the most riveting tales in the industry. Central to this narrative are Porkchop's unforgettable sets and his unapologetic love for a good party.

In an industry often filled with somber personas, Porky is a burst of vivacity. His kaleidoscopic attire, radiant smiles, and unique track selection—spanning techno mysteries to house classics—remind everyone of the core essence of dance floors: pure, unbridled joy. Noted as perhaps the most adaptable member of the Desert Hearts Crew, Porky's sets weave intricate tales across genres, often dropping tracks that become the highlights of the night.

With a mane that's as colorful as his music and a relentless energy to match, Porkchop is emerging as one of the most exciting yet reliable DJs in the scene. He's shared stages with icons like Lee Burridge, Justin Martin, and Tale of Us, and marked his presence at stellar events, from Symbiosis to Costa Rica's Envision. A five-time Burning Man veteran, he's not only conquered camps like Robot Heart and Distrikt but has also embarked on the sought-after City Hearts tour across North America. But this, it seems, is just the prologue. As he continues his ascent, 2017 looks set to be anointed as the "Year of the Chop," further solidifying his status in the dance music elite.

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