Friendship 2024 event artwork

Friendship 2024

Jan 6 - 11, 2024


In the vast expanse of the Caribbean waters, as the sun peeks out over the horizon, the ultimate celebration of friendship and music comes to life. Friendship 2024, the world-renowned floating festival, is setting sail once again in January, and it promises to be an event like no other.

As the brainchild of Gary Richards, better known as Destructo in the EDM scene, Friendship has gained iconic status since its maiden voyage in 2018. This year, the grandeur goes beyond just music. The ship for this edition, The Joy, is not just any vessel. This state-of-the-art ship, twice the size of last year's, embarks from Miami, circling around Cuba and docking in Belize.

Imagine, as the sun sets, having world-class artists like Chris Lake, Skrillex, and Bob Moses keep the beats alive, along with notable house music artists such as the Desert Hearts Crew adding their magical touch. And then greeting the dawn with Gary Richards himself playing a sunrise set on Belize's Harvest Caye beach.

Mikey Lion has played prestige events including EDC Las Vegas, Electric Forest, Dirtybird Campout and Miami’s Club Space, with he and the DH crew occupying a vibey sort of territory where the West Coast transformational festival scene meets the underground cool of house and techno. Originating from a hip-hop background, a transformative Daft Punk set pivoted his trajectory towards house. Co-founding Desert Hearts, he's now synonymous with iconic festivals, spellbinding sets, and a genuine love for the music.

Porky, a pivotal figure in the Desert Hearts ensemble electrifies dance floors with his unmatched energy and skill. From the ethereal jungles of Tulum to iconic Burning Man stages, his sets are legendary. Sharing platforms with giants like Lee Burridge and Justin Martin, Porky stands out with his vivid presence and genre-weaving magic, truly setting the dance floor alight every time.

Born in England in 1970, Lee Reynolds spent his formative years on a BMX bike, turning pro and relocating to California at the age of 18, where he would become entranced by the 90s rave scene and eventually start throwing parties and spinning records himself. Fast-forward 30years and the legend of "Papa Lee" has only grown. The San Francisco based DJ/Producer, Founder of Desert Hearts, and Head of FrequencyClash has an unmatched youthful energy that captivates anybody who crosses his path.

Raised in Southern California and part of the renowned Desert Hearts crew, Marbs was an eclectic child, influenced by legends like Pink Floyd and Tool, with a penchant for underground hip hop, reggae, and rock. His musical horizon expanded during San Francisco's Love Fest, where the allure of house music, introduced by the maestro Lee Burridge, forever changed his tune.

Nala is dominating the stages across the states with her unique blend of house genres enriched by live vocals. Having recently graced the stages of major festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Life Is Beautiful, Nala's momentum is unyielding. She embarked on a sizzling summer tour featuring appearances at Dirtybird CampINN, her debut at elrow at The Brooklyn Mirage, and the acclaimed HARD Festival in Los Angeles.

Her unmatched energy is palpable, especially after powering through five standout performances in just three days, featuring three sets at Outside Lands then heading to Exchange LA and Elements Festival. Under the mentorship of Claude VonStroke, founder of Dirtybird Records, Nala's unique Riot Grrrl-inspired vocals have been drawing worldwide attention, solidifying her as the must-watch artist of 2023.

The Joy is a world of wonder in itself. Adventure seekers can test their nerves on the ship's high-speed go-kart track or plunge down a heart-pounding waterslide that extends out over the edge of the ship, offering unparalleled ocean views. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the ship has tranquil spa services, a mini-golf course, and an infinity pool overlooking the vast sea.

Foodies will delight in the ship's gastronomic offerings. With 20 diverse restaurants, ranging from fine dining to casual eateries, there's a plate for every palate. Perhaps you fancy sushi under the stars or a sumptuous steak as you gaze out at the ocean's expanse?

The festival's ambiance is more than just the pulse of the music. It’s the little luxuries: the opulent theaters for live shows, the intimate jazz bars, and the rooftop lounges where you can unwind.

And if you thought the festival confines its magic just to the decks, think again! With the whimsical Dial-A-DJ feature, the party could very well come knocking at your suite. At a moment's notice, artists like Boys Noize or Bob Moses might be setting the tone for an impromptu hallway rave or even a balcony bash.

Moreover, Friendship 2024 goes beyond music. With the Friendship Pro Skate Team displaying their gravity-defying stunts and Dita Von Teese's tantalizing Shipteese performance, there's a mesmerizing act for everyone.

As the ship sets course back to Miami on January 11th, attendees will disembark with memories woven from epic sets, beach parties, and intimate moments. They'll reminisce about the connections forged in the heart of the Caribbean, all underscored by the rhythm of the waves and the shared beats of their hearts.

For those yearning for an experience that's both a musical escapade and an adventure on the high seas, Friendship 2024 is the horizon you should set your sights on.



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