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You’ll need lots of stamina to keep up with SHERELLE. This London-based DJ and producer has become one of the fastest-rising stars on the dance music scene. And it’s not just because of her affinity for 160bpm records. Now the head of two culturally impactful record labels and a highly sought-after live performer, SHERELLE is committed to pushing dance music further into the future.

Sherelle was raised in East London by her mother and sister. She grew up listening to dancehall and hip hop, which she pirated through the family TV. While attending Goldsmiths University, she started working as a presenter for the London-based radio station Reprezent. A fast-rising force on London radio airwaves, Reprezent specializes in music from artists they consider "leaders of the underground."

Through her live sets and radio shows, SHERELLE makes music for high-speed ravers. She often pulls high-intensity tracks from jungle, footwork, juke, and drum ‘n bass to keep dancers going all night long. In 2019, her Boiler Room set took her hard-earned brand of underground dance and made it viral.

She eventually snagged a spot on BBC Radio 1 as a part of their Radio 1 Residency until 2021. Now with reigning slots on Reprezent and NTS, she showcases cutting-edge dance music, combining legacy artists like DJ Spinn and Luke Vibert with next-gen disruptors like Mantra and Kush Jones.

With her two record labels, SHERELLE focuses on the cultural significance of dance music. With Hooversound (which she runs alongside Apple Music 1's Naina) her main focus is pushing boundaries. With BEAUTIFUL, she focuses on uplifting Black and LGBTQ voices in dance music. It’s a brand and style that seems to resonate with many. In 2019 she was named the “Breakthrough DJ Of The Year” by both Mixmag and DJ Mag. The next year, her mix for Radio 1 was crowned the essential mix of the year.

On the fast track to cultural icon, SHERELLE visibly loves dance music and the power of community behind it. As she continues to grow her high-speed empire, she’s not only building her own legacy. She’s opening doors for thousands of others.

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