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Whether you’ve been lucky enough to experience it yourself, the majority of dance music fans are likely all familiar with fabric, the legendary club in London’s Farringdon district. This nightlife hotspot has been a center for dance music for over 20 years, since its founding in 1999. DJ and producer Craig Richards is a central element of the club’s ethos, both in his role as a longstanding resident at the venue, as well as through his position as the club’s musical director. Having been part of the team at fabric from the very beginning, the two positions have allowed Richards to both share his own music as well as provide a platform for others to share theirs. Because of his devotion to fabric—and to the wider dance music scene in his native England—he’s also been credited with being a leading force for the British scene as a whole, through his unique sensibilities and thoughtful curation.

Known for the variety of his sets (he’s recognized for skirting the boundaries between soul, disco, house, techno, and even dub reggae), Richards has attracted artists as wide-ranging as Shackleton, Deadbeat, Pole, Mortitz Von Oswald, Dopplereffekt, and Emperor Machine to play as part of his Saturday night series. He’s also lauded for his early morning sets, which have become a defining staple of fabric’s 23 years.

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Richards has also played a role in several collaborative efforts with other musicians, like his work with Lee Burridge under the moniker Tyrant. He’s also joined forces with Howie B as Blunder, in addition to releasing solo music under the alias Scumdolly. Richards is also known for his popular brand The Nothing Special, which spans a highly successful event series as well as a record label and an online radio series.

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