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Surf Mesa, born Powell Aguirre in the lush, music-rich backdrop of Seattle, has swiftly climbed the ranks to become a big name in the world of dance music. With an early life steeped in diverse musical influences—from the rock anthems of The Killers and Coldplay to the iconic sounds of David Bowie and Prince—Surf Mesa was destined to develop a unique signature. His journey from a curious enthusiast tinkering with FL Studio in his bedroom to a platinum-selling artist is a modern tale of creativity and passion.

From the quiet corners of his teenage bedroom, where he first crafted together beats that danced between the lines of nostalgic and forward-looking, Surf Mesa's style evolved into something truly special. By sharing his early tracks on SoundCloud, he not only honed his craft but also began to capture the attention of an ever-growing audience. His breakout hit, "ily (i love you baby)," catapulted him into the stratosphere with its seamless integration of vintage charm and contemporary flair, earning him two platinum certifications and billions of streams.

Surf Mesa's impact on the dance music scene is palpable at every show he plays. From vibrant festivals like GoodVibe in Malaysia and the globally renowned Lollapalooza to his mesmerizing sets at iconic venues like MGM Music Hall and Red Rocks, his performances are a whirlwind of energy and emotion. His live show at CRSSD Festival, available for all to see online, encapsulates the essence of what makes his music resonate so deeply with fans across the globe.

2020 marked another significant milestone in Surf Mesa’s career with the release of his debut EP, "Come True," under the prestigious Astralwerks label. This collection of tracks wasn't just a display of his growth as an artist but also a collaborative effort, featuring talents like Whethan, WILHELM, and SUPER-Hi, which showcased his knack for blending different voices and sounds into a cohesive, captivating auditory experience.

But Surf Mesa isn’t just about hits and headlining shows; he’s a creative spirit continuously sharing his journey and inspirations. His social media feeds, especially Instagram, are peppered with quirky behind-the-scenes glimpses and "Come With Me To Find Inspiration" videos that give fans a look at the man behind the music. Even industry giants like Forbes have taken notice, tipping their hats to his undeniable influence and appeal in the music world.

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