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United Kingdom
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To some, Terry Francis might seem like a producer who suddenly came out of nowhere. But truthfully, the British DJ and producer has been hard at work in the underground club scene for over three decades. With his sleek fusion of techno and house, he’s become one of the UK’s top DJs and has earned coveted residencies across the country.

While working at Swag Records in London–a record store who’s proprietors specialized in underground dance music–Terry began learning to DJ. It was the early 90s, and his blend of electro-techno and earthy house was right on-par with what was lighting up dancefloors at the time. He eventually secured his first residency in Leatherhead, a small town in Surrey just south of Central London. Terry would play house music in the basement of this local rockers bar, where most of the patrons were “swearing at me and slagging off the music." He would eventually gain a few more fitting residencies, where he was able to spin alongside other tech house players like Colin Dale, Mr C and Eddie Richards. His longest standing residency would be with Fabric London, one of London’s premiere venues for electronic music.

In 1994 he decided to create his own club night. With a few fellow production-minded friends he began the Wiggle parties. After gaining some traction, Wiggle would continuously sell out, and became one of the finest and most influential underground parties in the UK. It was instrumental in the rise of tech house and its spreading influence across the world. Wiggle was eventually spun into a record label, and in 2019 a compilation album of past performers was released to celebrate the club night’s 25th anniversary.

His mix albums, the Architecture series, have been praised as some of the best house mix CDs of all time. In 2017, over 25 years after the start of his career, Terry Francis released his first full length album Together.

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