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Toman, a standout figure in house music, has carved a niche for himself as a key player in the Netherlands' rich musical landscape. His journey into the world of music began in his early teens with a keen interest in percussion, a foundational experience that steered him towards the diverse and expansive domain of dance music. This early engagement with rhythm and sound laid the groundwork for a career marked by a distinctive blend of house and techno, characterized by an eclectic and unrestricted approach.

After moving to Amsterdam in early 2018, Toman rapidly made his mark in the world of house. His relocation to the Dutch capital marked the start of a highly productive period, with his work ethic and musical output quickly drawing attention. Toman's sound, a refined mix of minimal, tech-house, house, and deeper sonic layers, reflects his broad musical influences, including artists like Underworld, Minilogue, and Terry Lee Brown Jr.

Toman's rise in the industry was propelled by his first solo EP, released in 2017 on Mihai Popoviciu's respected Cyclic label. This release not only showcased his studio skills but also signaled the arrival of a significant new talent. Following this, Toman continued to expand his discography with releases on renowned labels such as We R House, META, No Art, PIV, Blind Vision, and Inermu. His debut vinyl EP on Cinthie's we_r house label, the Broodrooster EP, further solidified his status, receiving support from a diverse group of globally respected DJs.

Beyond his studio accomplishments, Toman has also established himself as a DJ, with performances ranging from his native Netherlands to stages worldwide. His appearances at major festivals like Awakenings and Straf_werk Festival, along with performances in clubs such as Berlin’s Watergate and Leipzig’s Distillery, underscore his growing prominence in the global electronic music scene. His tours have taken him to cities like Zurich, Manchester, and Bucharest, showcasing his talent to audiences around the world.

In addition to his roles as a producer and DJ, Toman also contributes significantly as the A&R for the label No Art. He plays a crucial role in shaping the 'Amsterdam Sound,' collaborating closely with artists like Chris Stussy and ANOTR. His involvement in the vinyl-only sub-imprint No Art Red further highlights his active role in the evolution of electronic music.

Toman's biography, rooted in his early beginnings and notable career highlights, is a narrative of continuous growth and adaptation as an artist. His dedication to his craft and his ability to consistently bring fresh perspectives ensure that his influence and relevance in the dance music world will remain powerful for years to come.

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