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Born into a home resonating with diverse musical influences, Jeff Vigilante, also known as VGLNTE, was introduced to an array of artists from an early age. This rich ambiance quickly nurtured an intrinsic passion for music. By the age of 10, Jeff's fervor evolved into a tangible form when he began exploring drums and percussion instruments.

As he spent time amidst budding musicians, his musical palette expanded. Not only did he develop an affinity for the guitar, but he also gravitated towards electronic music. By 15, he had acquired his first set of turntables, marking the beginning of an enduring love affair with house music and DJing. Immersed in his newfound passion, Jeff would often frequent a local record store, investing his teenage earnings into growing his vinyl collection.

Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of artists – from the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, and Carl Cox to legends such as Led Zeppelin and Jack White – Jeff crafts techno and house tracks that push boundaries. His music seamlessly weaves elements from different genres, culminating in a sound that is undeniably unique.

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