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Club Chinois Closing Party | Rewind & Replay

Oct 13, 202311:45 PM
Club Chinois

Eivissa, Spain

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Oct 7, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

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Club Chinois Closing Party | Rewind & Replay: A Night to Remember

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but it’s not for Club Chinois.

On this occasion, it’s the night Club Chinois promises an electrifying closure to a sparkling summer at Ibiza Marina's most opulent spot.

If you've been in any way involved in the clubbing scene in Ibiza this year, you'll recognize the whispers about Club Chinois. Housed in the space formerly occupied by Heart and located a stone's throw away from the legendary Pacha Ibiza, this club is where glamour intertwines with the White Isle's cherished hedonistic roots.

From 11:45pm on October 13, Club Chinois is geared to celebrate in a style that's quintessentially Ibiza: grand and unforgettable. The lineup for the night includes Honey Dijon and Andy Baxter as well as island favorites Tuccillo and Clint Lee.

The mystique of Club Chinois lies not just in its unmatched roster of talent, but also in its impeccable design conceived by Parisian design luminary, Laleh Assefi.

As you walk into the 3000m^2 space, you're greeted with plush velvets, shimmering chandeliers, and an ambiance that radiates class and luxury.

As the name suggests, Rewind & Replay is all about reliving those magical moments from the summer, and there have been many to remember.

From the island's very first female-headlined residency to one-off parties and showcases throughout the summer, Club Chinois has more than made its mark on the island.

Now coming to the close of its 2nd year, the Club Chinois closing party is one that you won’t want to miss.

Lucky for us, this isn’t the club's final event of the summer.

Their late-season parties include Una Más on October 16, Keep on Dancing on October 20, Ibiza Talents on October 27, their first Halloween party on the 31st, as well as a two-part TRIP closing on October 28 and November 4.

More about the lineup:

Honey Dijon blossomed from the local club scene in Chicago into an internationally-renowned DJ and producer, with pivotal residencies at clubs like The Roxy in New York City and Berghain in Berlin, alongside performances at global festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury.

Her journey as a transgender woman significantly informs her music and activism, where she fervently advocates for LGBTQ+ representation and addresses racism and sexism within the music industry.

Besides her musical accolades, Honey Dijon is known for her distinctive fashion sense, often mingling within fashion circles, and her dedication to social activism, curating projects to raise awareness on pressing social issues.

Andy Baxter, with his innate knack for reading dance floors, has established himself as one of Ibiza's most sought-after resident DJs, boasting esteemed residencies at iconic venues like Pacha Ibiza and Cafe Mambo.

With a music palette that spans Balearic sounds, hip-hop, and disco to deep, melodic tech house, his decade-long journey as a year-round resident and international touring artist has not only rendered him a household name in Ibiza's vibrant club scene but also a celebrated figure on the global dance music stage.

Tuccillo, a distinguished DJ and music producer, initiated his musical journey with productions for the iconic 90s UMM Italian label, marking a 20-year illustrious career that significantly contributed to the evolution of house music.

Born in Italy, Tuccillo now lives in Ibiza, with a discography that reflects a rich array of sounds, evident from his releases like "Sunshine City Ep / Nu Groove" and "Focus EP," which were released under Unblock Records, highlighting his consistent engagement with deep house genre.

Clint Lee, born in South Africa and now based in Ibiza, channels a unique sound that resonates with the collective energy from diverse cultures he's interacted with, creating a blend where the ancient past and distant future meet.

His music is a deliberate practice, often setting an intention before each studio session or DJ set, embodying a fusion of mind-bending minimal and tribal techno that captivates clubbers on the dance floor.

His journey has been a nomadic exploration of sounds, deeply rooted in African culture, while embracing the modern electronic music scene, marking his presence in notable events and clubs, particularly in Ibiza.

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