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The island’s first official nightclub where heritage, music and glamor combine.

In 1967, brothers Ricardo and Piti Urgell opened their first ever Pacha venue in Stiges, just outside of Barcelona, Spain. Six years later, the duo decided to venture from the mainland to the white isle, where they saw an elaborate hippy movement occurring.

It was during this time that Ibiza was mostly frequented by artists, writers and bohemians looking to escape the hectic lifestyles associated with the mainland. The island was suddenly becoming a place where hedonism was at the forefront of everybody’s agenda.

What does Pacha mean you ask? Well, the name derived from a conversation between Ricardo and his wife, who once joked about living like kings or ‘pachas’ (a type of sultan), when they began to earn money from their clubs.

Even today, the name reflects this initial highborn vision, as Pacha is known for its elaborate, classy approach to the clubbing experience, as well as a place that attracts the rich and famous from all over the globe.

The OG Ibizan club opened at a time when disco music began transitioning into the newly found house genre. The new sound made its way from North America to Spain via the UK, where illegal acid-house raves were the rage. Ibiza took this to the next level, offering an open-mindedness and laid-back atmosphere that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Fast forward twenty years, Pacha was thriving. The brothers decided it was time for the club to expand its horizons, becoming what is now known as a super-club.

To compare its humble beginning to now, Pacha has undergone quite the transformation. It now boasts a capacity of around 3,000 people, with the focus of the impressive club lying in its spectacular mainroom infrastructure and layout.

Quite literally founded as a traditional Ibizan finca, the space has had several revamps since its opening in 1973. There were no superstar DJs, expansive high-tech dancefloor or a lighting and sound system, it was simply a place to forget your woes and have a good time. This notion still remains, as do the go-go dancers, who have been a staple fixture from the start.

The DJ booth is now placed in the middle of the expansive Main Room, with a VIP section to the rear, and a high-tech dance floor in front. The club also consists of different levels, with a number of bars and balconies, meaning you can see the DJ from just about every 360 angle there is.

It's also famous for its Funky Room, where you can dance to soul, funk and disco, as well as a vast Roof Terrace that you can go to for a more chilled out, lounge experience.

Every day of the week during peak summer, the club boasts multiple residencies from the most sought after DJs in the world, including Marco Carola and his Music On imprint, Solomun +1, Claptone and The Masquerade, Bedouin and even Camelphat, who joined the clubs weekly roster on Tuesday's just last year.

Previously, it has seen the likes of David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Pete Tong and Swedish House Mafia take to its iconic booth.

New for 2023, UK melodic-tech duo Camelphat make Pacha their new home for the summer.

Pacha has been the precursor for all modern nightclubs. Now a brand that covers hotels, restaurants, resorts, fashion, perfumes and 25 franchises all over the world - all represented by the iconic, red cherry logo.

What started as a small local nightclub has become the starlight of Ibiza clubbing, and the jewel in the clubbing world’s crown.


Pacha Ibiza

Av. 8 d'Agost, 27

Eivissa, Illes Balears


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