El Cielo by Pacha | Diynamic Outdoor event artwork

El Cielo by Pacha | Diynamic Outdoor

Sep 2, 20236 PM
528 Ibiza

San Antonio, Spain

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El Cielo & Diynamic team up for another unforgettable night at 528 Ibiza. September is knocking on our door, and with it comes the promise of more unforgettable nights at Ibiza's iconic venues. On Saturday, September 2, Pacha Ibiza’s El Cielo joins hands with the trailblazing label Diynamic to bring you a night of unparalleled musical bliss. Diynamic remains a rising star in the underground electronic music world with a clear message: Do It Yourself. Started in 2006 by Solomun and Adriano Trolio in Hamburg, it's now one of the most sought-after labels globally. Diynamic hosts showcases worldwide, organizes festivals in places like Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brazil, holds two weekly spots in Ibiza, including the renowned Solomun +1 nights at the iconic Pacha, and even has its own stages at big music festivals around the world. Diynamic has always been a force to reckon with in Ibiza's party circuit. From the unforgettable Neon Nights at Sankeys to the power-packed showcases at DC-10, they've consistently showcased top-tier talent. Now, they’re back for the 2nd installment at 528 Ibiza. Perched perfectly in the Benimussa Hills, 528 has proven time and again to be the quintessential spot for experiencing one-of-a-kind events on the White Isle. From the incredible Zoo Project parties to 2023’s Radio 1 festival, it’s an ever-changing, ever-adapting space that brings party-goers on the island together to experience something that you can’t find anywhere else. But who's driving this particular musical extravaganza? Let’s dive into the lineup: The maestro himself, Solomun is back, once again, to grace the decks of 528 Ibiza. Every performance he delivers is electric, and with his previous sets at this very venue becoming the stuff of legends, expectations are through the roof! Remember his 2019 closing party afters? Yeah, those epic vibes are coming back. Rafael Cerato, who is known for his unique blend of emotional sounds with dark disco synth vibes, has released tracks on prestigious labels like Systematic Recordings and Diynamic Music, with his debut studio album launched on Systematic in 2020. With over 8 years of global touring, from Ibiza to Australia, he continues to make waves in the music scene. Electronic musician Gorgin transitioned from classic piano compositions to exploring the vast potential of computer-generated music, influenced by his brother's 90s and early 2000s records. His distinctive blend of futuristic and vintage sounds has not only been featured in the Emmy-winning "Ted Lasso" series but has also achieved significant streaming success, with his latest release on Diynamic receiving accolades from top DJs and reaching Beatport Indie Dance's top ten. German DJ and producer ANTHY has releases on world-renowned labels such as Snatch! Records, Klaphouse, and of course Diynamic, and is also the founder of Into The Groove events at Das Zimmer in Mannheim. So, as we inch closer to the end of summer, why not capture its essence in the best way possible? An “up for it” crowd, the finest DJs, and an atmosphere that only Ibiza can offer. This is where nature, sound, and soul unite.


528 Ibiza

Carrer del Romaní

San Antonio, Illes Balears


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