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528 Ibiza, where the essence of the island’s enchantment is encapsulated in every twist and turn of this multi-venue entertainment wonderland.

Once the legendary Benimussa Park which famously held The Zoo Project, this sprawling estate nestled in the picturesque hills of western Ibiza has been reborn into a destination that harmonizes with both the island's natural beauty and its pulsating energy.

The visionary behind 528 Ibiza, Bartolo Escandell, envisioned a venue that resonates with the frequencies of love, energy, awareness, and creativity symbolized by 528hz. Joined by industry pioneers Andy McKay and Jose Corraliza, the dream of creating a theatrical haven where guests could immerse themselves in transformative experiences became a reality.

As you step into the realm of 528 Ibiza, you're greeted by a tapestry of indoor and outdoor settings, each offering a unique ambiance to explore. From innovative dining experiences, to immersive music stages that have hosted some of the biggest names in house and techno, every corner beckons you to open your mind, tantalize your senses, and fill your heart with joy.

528 is a stage for the world's biggest event brands to showcase their artists and talents amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Ibiza's natural landscape. Whether it's hosting Radio 1's Ibiza Dance Weekend or collaborating with Pacha Group 'El Cielo' for monumental and exclusive parties, 528 really is where unforgettable memories are born.


528 Ibiza

Carrer del Romaní

San Antonio, Illes Balears


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