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Glitterbox week 17

Aug 27, 202311:30 PM
Hï Ibiza

San José, Spain


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Ready for the most scintillating disco night of your life? Well, don those sequins, and head to Hï Ibiza on Sunday, August 27 for Glitterbox. Every Sunday, the vibrant atmosphere at Hï Ibiza comes alive with the iconic Glitterbox, turning the dance floor into a disco haven. This week, it's gearing up to be an unforgettable one. From the beat of house music to the rhythm of funk and disco, get ready for a line-up that promises to set your soul dancing. Artwork, Dave Lee ZR, Fat Tony, Heidi Lawden, Jayda G, Mark Farina, Melvo Baptiste, Riva Starr, Zach Witness - could you ask for more? These electronic music magicians will treat you to a reimagined world of house, funk, and disco, igniting the dance floor with crowd-pleasing tracks all night. Expect dazzling performances, endless energy, and a night you'll never forget. Glitterbox's ethos is one of inclusivity, and its vibrant embrace is open to all. Gay, straight, or simply here for the beats - everyone's welcome. The only rule is to bring your flair, leave your inhibitions at the door, and join the dance under a sea of hanging disco balls. Oh, and don't miss the Wild Corner! Tucked inside the unisex restroom at Hï Ibiza, this notorious DJ booth and dancefloor have seen some unforgettable boogies. You never know what will happen next in what's arguably the most exciting toilet in the world. Glitterbox, an unforgettable weekly fixture since 2014, continues to be the embodiment of Ibiza's unmatchable energy and spirit. Whether you've been a long-time fan or it's your first time, on August 27, Glitterbox promises to take you on a journey like no other. Get glam, get sassy, and get ready for the dance floor - this is a party you don't want to miss. The lineup Artwork, aka Arthur Smith, is a dynamic force in the dance music world, having been a critical part of the scene's evolution through pioneering projects like Magnetic Man, to the soul-infused techno loops as Grain, and further with the beloved UK raving institution, Art's House. With a journey marked by wild gigs, unforgettable experiences, and a pure love for house and disco, Artwork's sets are renowned for their vibrant tapestry of vibes, underpinned by his exceptional talent and fueled by a belief that in his house, we are all equal. As the founder of Z Records, Dave Lee ZR has been a driving force in the dance music scene. Previously known as Joey Negro, his track "Must Be The Music" is a feel-good anthem that's perfect for Glitterbox. Fat Tony is a London-based DJ known for his eclectic sets and larger-than-life personality. He was once known for being notoriously hedonistic, but more so now as an LGBTQ+ activist and go-to DJ for all things disco! Heidi Lawden’s London upbringing caused her to enter the club and rave scene as a teenager and that’s where her love of music was ignited. Now, you can find her based in Calfornia, but travelling across the globe to play at clubs and festivals including Panorama Bar, Kaiku, Coachella, Love International, Sunset Campout, Glastonbury, Kala Festival, Daytrip Beat Hotel, Cocktail De Amore and, of course, Glitterbox. Jayda G, a GRAMMY-nominated producer, has captivated the dance music scene with her distinctive blend of vintage drum machine funk, drawing inspiration from Chicago's house blueprint, as seen in her debut album "Significant Changes" and her 2021 GRAMMY-nominated EP “Both Of Us / Are You Down.” Mark Farina, a Chicago-born DJ and influential figure in the global dance music scene, is renowned for his creation of "Mushroom Jazz," a unique blend of jazzy beats, disco classics, and house music. With a career spanning over three decades, Farina's non-stop touring, prolific content creation, and chart-topping releases like Mushroom Jazz 8 continue to make him a living legend, and we can’t wait to see what he does at Glitterbox Ibiza. Melvo Baptiste started his Glitterbox journey by hosting the Glitterbox radio show in 2017 and becoming the voice of the brand. His debut release on the label was a turning point in Baptiste’s career and gained support from music legends such as Louie Vega, Dave Lee and Horse Meat Disco. London-based DJ, producer and owner of Snatch! Records Riva Starr is known for his genre-defying sets and will showcase his mastery by keeping you on your toes. A Glitterbox favorite! A Dallas-born artist, Zach Witness' musical journey began as a b-boy at age 5, evolving through drumming and punk bands to becoming a DJ and club king. His collaboration with Erykah Badu on the album But You Cain't Use My Phone marked a turning point, leading to mentorship from figures like André 3000 and a move to London, where he continues to craft music that reminds listeners to dance, feel, and be present.


Hï Ibiza

Platja d'en Bossa

San José, Islas Baleares


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