Solomun +1 with Tijana T event artwork

Solomun +1 with Tijana T

Oct 8, 202311:59 PM
Pacha Ibiza

Eivissa, Spain


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Oct 2, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

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Solomun +1 returns to Pacha Ibiza for its penultimate party of the season.

As the October air sweeps over the White Isle, it carries with it the sounds of Pacha Ibiza's most revered Sunday night party: Solomun +1. And, on October 8, the island veteran and global tastemaker Solomun, alongside Tijana T, is set to serve up an unforgettable experience.

Over the years, Pacha's iconic cherry symbol has become synonymous with unparalleled clubbing experiences. As the island's oldest super club, established 50 years ago this year, Pacha boasts a legacy rich in fashion, glamour, and world-class music.

But as the past five decades have shown, Pacha isn't just about history; it's about revolutionizing the present. Enter Solomun +1, a night that has redefined Sundays in Ibiza, consistently setting the gold standard for what a club night should be.

The winning formula behind Solomun +1 is both powerful and simplistic.

Rather than following the typical clubbing trend of packed line-ups, Solomun opts for an extended set, inviting just one influential guest to join him on the decks. This allows both artists ample time to bask in the spotlight, treating us to hours of a beautiful curated journey.

As the night matures, the culmination often sees both headliners going back-to-back, a climactic play-off that has become the stuff of legends.

This coming Sunday promises to be no different. Fresh from a phenomenal summer season, with a diverse array of talent including Dixon, DJ Koze, and Gerd Janson, Solomun remains the main attraction, drawing in crowds with his outstanding fusion of melodic grooves and powerful beats.

Accompanying Solomun this October 8 is Tijana T, a name that has been creating ripples in the electronic music world. Known for her ability to seamlessly blend various genres, she's set to complement Solomun's unique sound, bringing her own flavor to the decks.

As Pacha enjoys its golden anniversary, the club continually proves its commitment to delivering standout nights. Whether you're an Ibiza regular or a first-timer, the club's atmosphere, soaked in lights and echoing with sound, is an immersive experience.

If past Solomun +1 nights are anything to go by, tickets for this event will be hotter than a midsummer day in Ibiza. Pro tip for those wanting to make the most of their night: consider dining at Pacha's El Restaurante. Not only do you get to savor the incredible food, but you also gain complimentary admission to the club when meeting the minimum spend.

About the lineup:

Solomun, a globally recognized figure in the electronic music realm, believes deeply in the intertwined nature of emotions and music, evident in his spellbinding sets that connect with audiences on profound levels.

This German techno maestro revolutionized the Ibiza scene with his "Solomun +1" residency at Pacha Ibiza, bringing the DJ booth closer to the dancefloor and fostering intimate connections.

Beyond the decks, he founded Diynamic in 2006, a label that has served as a launchpad for many artists in the genres of melodic techno, microhouse, and tech house.

For Solomun, music is more important than the place it’s played at - it’s about bringing people together.

Embodying authenticity, Solomun's message resonates in every beat: "Nobody is not loved."

Tijana T, a Belgrade-based DJ, music journalist, and vocalist, has been a significant figure in the Serbian electronic music scene since the early 2000s, initially hosting electronic music shows on Serbian TV.

She transitioned to DJing after gaining international recognition through her collaboration with Abe Duque, touring across Europe.

Tijana T is now a recognized name in the global electronic music community, known for her acid-dominant techno style mixed with elements of breakbeat, house, electro, and synth-rock.

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