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Tale of Us present Afterlife

Aug 3, 202311:30 PM
Hï Ibiza

San José, Spain


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Jul 28, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

4 min read

Thursday nights. Ibiza. Techno vibes. Are you ready?

Once more, we are ready to dive headfirst into the throbbing heart of Ibiza nightlife as Tale Of Us return to Hï Ibiza on Thursday, August 3rd, presenting their sell-out Afterlife experience.

Thursdays in Ibiza are synonymous with techno. And when it comes to techno, no one does it better than Afterlife.

A creative powerhouse since its inception in 2016, Afterlife is the brainchild of the revered techno duo Tale Of Us, consistently pushing boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on the scene, not only in Ibiza but around the world.

From 11:30pm through to 6am, succumb to the heavy beats of raw techno pumping through your body, seeping into your soul, and resonating with every heartbeat. The Tale of Us boys know how to put a lineup together, and this week is no exception.

Taking control of the Theatre, Tale Of Us will close the night, but not before Camelphat and Massano set the room alight with their electrifying performances.

Switching gears to the Club Room, we have the pulsating rhythm of Berlin-style techno with Kevin de Vries, a live set by Woo York, and the thrilling beats of David Lindmer. This room, separate yet in harmony with the Theatre, offers a faster, heavier beat to lose yourself in.

Then, of course, there's the Wild Corner - arguably the most unique unisex bathrooms-turned-dancefloor in the world, where Olympe will be in command, ensuring that the energy never dips.

What sets an Afterlife party apart from the rest isn't just the music - it’s the ethereal journey that the event promises. The digital art that’s making waves across the globe, the jaw-dropping light and laser shows, and the iconic Afterlife insignia hovering above the dancefloor. All of it coalesces into an immersive and unforgettable spectacle.

So, as we gear up for this techno-laden night, let’s delve deeper into the lineup:

Tale of Us, an Italian music production and DJ duo consisting of Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri, are based in Berlin and are known for their unique blend of electronic music.

After meeting in Milan and releasing their debut EP in 2011, the pair climbed the ranks to be named one of DJ Mag's top 100 alternative DJs in 2018, and have performed at high-profile events such as Coachella.

Hailing from Liverpool, Camelphat have etched an impressive niche for themselves within Ibiza's esteemed clubbing scene.

Known for their Grammy-nominated platinum hit "Cola" in 2017, they've since built an unstoppable reputation. And, as part of Mixmag's Top 10 DJs in 2019 and Beatport's highest-grossing artists, their accolades simply speak for themselves.

With his unique combination of entrancing rhythms and captivating melodies, Massano's meteoric ascent within the melodic techno sphere shows no signs of slowing down.

Originating from the vibrant periphery of Liverpool's thriving electronic music scene, Massano made a resounding entrance with his debut tracks on Running Clouds, which rapidly garnered the attention and support of major players within the industry.

Kevin De Vries, known for his distinctive hybrid techno sound that blends the power of techno with trance's euphoria, has become a mainstay of the Afterlife scene with numerous event appearances and releases on prominent labels, and is celebrated for his captivating DJ sets that take listeners on a thrilling journey from cutting-edge sounds to 90s classics.

Ukrainian duo Woo York, integral to the European techno revival, have been impressing the international techno community since 2009 with their signature sound that blends powerful, driving techno with melodic elements, and their innovative, hardware-based live performances that deliver a unique mix of energetic techno, acid leads, and euphoric atmospheres! We expect nothing less from their Afterlife set.

British producer David Lindmer, now based in New York, is known for his melodically rich and dramatic techno sound, garnering support from major names including Tale of Us and Nora En Pure and featuring on esteemed stages like ADE, Awakenings and Afterlife Tulum.

In addition to running the Melodic Techno label Running Clouds, Lindmer continues to innovate, launching the musician and visual artist collective Chromia Sounds in 2022.

Amsterdam-based Olympe, originally from Italy, is a rising star in the techno scene, renowned for her deep modern techno sound imbued with melodic and indie elements. She has performed at Afterlife and Awakenings festivals, has resident stints at clubs in her hometown, and her studio work is signed onto labels like Afterlife and Just This.

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