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Kevin De Vries first came on the scene in 2015 and in the seven years to follow, he has made it clear why there is so much attention on the realm of melodic house and techno right now.

De Vries has championed a sound that is unmistakable. To be able to pour so much emotion; so much intrigue; so much suspense into music meant for the club is a talent sought after by many but attained by few.

His is music of self-discovery as much as it is self-indulgence. He creates the tracks that convince everyone on the dance floor to put away their phones and become drenched in the ineffable combination of techno and trance.

It’s no wonder he has caught the ears and hearts of some of dance music’s most celebrated record labels including Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Adam Beyer’s Drumcode and most recently Tale Of Us’ label Afterlife.

Afterlife is where he’s made real waves, perfectly aligning with the intentions with which the bosses, Tale Of Us, have built their own empire. His 2020 Hoffnungsschimmer EP with Innelea saw the two immense rising talents come together in a fashion that can only be described as epic.

Kevin’s DJ sets hone to the audio aesthetic of his original productions while expanding upon them endlessly. The sounds of tomorrow reside alongside 90s classics in a living timeline of club music that he has dissected in sets all over the world at major festivals like Awakenings and  Tomorrowland Winter.

All eyes are on Kevin De Vries at the moment, and he will surely continue creating reasons to keep that focus fixed and unwavering.

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