WooMooN Closing Party event artwork

WooMooN Closing Party

Oct 5, 20225 PM
Cova Santa

Ibiza, Spain

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Sep 15, 2022

Tiffany Bennett

2 min read

Ibiza’s home-grown party, WooMoon, is coming to a close for 2022 with an unmissable party at Cova Santa, bringing together the island’s (nomadic tribe to journey together through music, art, performance, and unity. So, if you’re looking for something truly Ibiza, this is one event you can not miss.

The lineup for any WooMoon event is made up of international artists prominent in the underground scene, many of which would have recently returned from Burning Man with new tracks and an elevated vibe. The closing party lineup comprises Landikhan, Valentin Huedo, Num feat Jo:ke, and Laolu - all ready to take you on a musical journey.

Are you dreaming? Are you awake? The hypnotic music, trippy visuals, and 360-degree immersive experience that WooMoon presents will overflow your spiritual cup (which you’re more than welcome to share with those around you, of course)

The closing party will kick off at 5 pm and runs until 6 am the next day. You can choose a mammoth session in the San Jose hills or choose your favorite hours to party in the open air before heading inside the club. We recommend being around for sunset as the day-to-night vibe is something not to be missed. Nothing can beat dancing freely in the open air as the sun goes down on another incredible Ibiza day with smiling, friendly faces around you.

Amnesia-owned Cova Santa, in the hills of San Jose, is the perfect location for open-air events that evolve into all-night parties. What’s fantastic about Cova Santa is its use of the different areas within the grounds. For WooMoon, in particular, you’ll discover two main stages plus open-air areas for live folk music, market stalls, arts and crafts, and healers throughout the day. Then, after midnight, the mood switches as you descend to the underground club for more deep house vibes.

This is the real side of Ibiza. Embrace it. Enjoy it.

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