10 Can't Miss Artists at Skyline Orlando

May 13, 2022

Harry Levin

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Insomniac Events is at the point in their evolution where they approach trends from all sides. They set trends. They follow trends. They redefine trends.

The latest trend the event conglomerate has engulfed is the ascension of house and techno in the dance music zeitgeist and what will soon likely be the mainstream.

Insomniac’s approach to this trend goes beyond booking more house and techno artists at their existing events or putting house and techno artists on bigger stages. It goes even beyond erecting new events explicitly geared towards house and techno.

Insomniac has done all of these things, but the most pivotal response to this widespread shift in music taste is two brands under the Insomniac umbrella: Factory 93 and Day Trip.

Factory 93 is the home for techno and every other sound that belongs below the ground, while Day Trip is all about funky house music and daytime fiestas.

These are separate entities with their own visual aesthetic, their own festivals, and event series. Factory 93 even has its own record label through which impressive artists like Will Clarke, Josh Butler, and Avision have released music.

Skyline is the event where these two brands came together for the first time, where house and techno coexist within an exquisite outdoor setting.

The first edition was held in Orlando in 2021, with an LA iteration in February 2022. Now the event is returning to Orlando with its most ambitious lineup to date.

Check out these ten standout artists from a lineup that is stacked from top to bottom:

Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer is always near the top, whether the lineup lists artists by first name or last name. Potential attendees see his name as soon as they see the lineup, and they know there is at least one set that is guaranteed to be masterful. Running Drumcode for over 20 years, Beyer is one of techno’s most reliable, most consistent, and most forward-thinking acts.

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Hot Since 82

With Hot Since 82, it’s all in the name. His sets are hot. His productions are hot. The curation on his label Knee Deep In Sound is hot. Now he’ll bring all that heat to the hot Florida sun. Although it’s more likely, he’ll play after the sun goes down cause he’s always a prime closer.

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Curating a mix for the infamous fabric presents series is one of the highest honors in dance music, and the UK’s own TSHA is the latest artist to receive that honor. She’s also had the privilege of releasing music on revered labels like Ninja Tune and getting the remix treatment from legends like Floorplan. She honors the culture. She honors the sound. See her do so live in action at Skyline.

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The once enigmatic ZHU is now one of electronic music’s most in-demand acts. His ghostly rendition of dance music touches on house, techno, disco, and even some heavier beat-style music. At Skyline, ZHU will perform a DJ set instead of his epic live show, but that’s not a reason to be disappointed. He knows the house and techno crowd all too well from his earlier releases like “Faded” and his techno side project, Blacklizt.

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Channel Tres

Coming off two stellar weekends at Coachella, Channel Tres will also opt for a DJ set at Skyline instead of his live show. As an artist who dances on the tightrope between house music and hip hop, his DJ sets are what allow him to dig back into four-on-the-floor. Although it wouldn’t be surprising if he still hit the mic for some live vocals.

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What’s that thundering yet hypnotic sound coming from the stage? It’s four-on-the-floor mixed with breakbeats and even some chaotic ambient leftfield? That could only be ANNA. The Brazilian DJ savant defies definition. She’s been developing her sound since she was 14-years-old, running around her father’s nightclub in São Paulo, and those years of hard work can be felt on the dance floor.

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J. Worra

Some people might be dumbfounded by the fact that it’s already May, but it’s more dumbfounding that J. Worra has already put out four releases in 2022. Starting in February, she’s had new music out each month on labels like Insomniac Records and Higher Ground. All the releases are different subgenres of house music, yet her precise sense of funk unites them.

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Anfisa Letyago

Throughout 2022 Anfisa Letyago has been traveling the globe playing music. Her extensive tour schedule has her hitting numerous dance music hotspots, including Brazil, Slovenia, Las Vegas, and Ibiza. She proves that music is a universal language (or maybe that everyone just loves to dance), so get ready to dance to her set at Skyline.

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Green Velvet

There is nothing like a Green Velvet set. The adept swapping between Chicago house and roaring techno. The convivial and sardonic live vocals. The green mohawk that doesn’t stop bobbing from the first beat to the last. He really is a legend, and every time steps on the decks, he provides a different history lesson in dance music.

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Serge Devant B2B AMÉMÉ

Every good house and techno event features back-to-back sets, and this particular back-to-back between Serge Devant and AMÉMÉ will be far more than good. It will be outstanding because what makes a back-to-back remarkable is when a seasoned veteran spins with a rising new talent. Devant is one of the most seasoned veterans around, and AMÉMÉ’s take on Afro House is already rippling out to clubs and festivals worldwide.

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