A Curation of elrow's Most Alluring Stage Concepts

Maria Marcano

A Curation of elrow's Most Alluring Stage Concepts

Elrow, the most bizarre and extravagant electronic dance music party brand, continues to flourish with its immersive, out-of-this-world productions across the globe. The mind-altering, top-notch production quality at every elrow event has helped it become arguably the world’s most popular clubbing brand. There’s simply no party like an elrow party.

Since its inception, elrow founders the Arnau siblings have successfully expanded the brand internationally and left smiles on fans throughout the world’s most inspiring cities. What started as a weekly party in Viladecans just south of Barcelona is now a global enterprise.

This year, ARC Music Festival in Chicago will be the only festival in the world to host an elrow full stage takeover. After such a successful debut run last year, the sophomore edition of the popular Chi-town house and techno festival is ecstatic to welcome back the elrow family and all their colorful characters.

Over the years, elrow’s many intricate themes have spread across some of the world’s most dance music-loving locales such as Ibiza, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Malta, Dubai, New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, and more. With each newly announced theme more absurd than the last, every elrow soiree has something unique to bring to the table.

If there’s one event brand in this industry that never ceases to amaze house and techno lovers, it’s elrow. While words and pictures don’t do a real-life elrow extravaganza justice, we’ve curated a list of some of the most alluring elrow stage concepts to date to get you pumped for your next elrow bender.

El Triangulo de Las Rowmudas

Imagine a wild soiree full of mad sea creatures, plane crashes, shipwrecks, and pirates intertwined with fascinating electronic music under the same raging sea. Now that’s a party. Behind the concept of El Triangulo de Las Rowmudas lies an intricate tale of its own. According to elrow curators, “we threw a party on a pirate ship, but somewhere between Atlantis and Es Vedrá, the ship went off course and entered the white island’s wildest waters: the Rowmuda Triangle.” Think Lost City of Atlantis and Pirates of the Caribbean meets mesmerizing live sounds from some of the hottest commodities in electronic music. You can take part in the untamed, under-the-sea extravaganza at ARC Music Festival this year, September 2-4 at Union Park in Chicago.

elrow Town

elrow Town Madrid

elrow Town Madrid

While every elrow event is essentially a mini-festival all on its own, elrow Town offers attendees a full-on festival experience over two days. Elrow Town showcases a stunning mixed array of decor and stage designs bringing existing elrow themes into one single event. There’s no specific theme or story behind the concept of these two-day al fresco fiestas. Just upbeat, ludicrous vibes no matter where in the festival you reside. Oh, and of course, a ton of confetti everywhere.

Psychrowdelic Trip  

As one of elrow’s highly-favored themes, every Psychrowdelic Trip takes attendees on an otherworldly journey to an alternate universe with its hallucinatory production elements. Last year, the trippy theme made its grand North American debut festival appearance at the elrow ARC Music Festival stage takeover during Labor Day Weekend, and it was a smash hit. Attendees can relive the glory days of peace, love, hippies, kaleidoscope dreams, and more amidst the typical elrow fiesta chaos. With its hypnotizing, 1960’s inspired decor everywhere, we guarantee it will feel like an actual trip.

elrow’art Kaos Garden

A few years back, the elrow’Art Kaos Garden concept was unveiled to music and art lovers across the globe and introduced the scene to an unfamiliar world in which music and art unite. The elrow creatives joined forces with multicolored street artist Okuda San Miguel and esteemed music producer Paco Osuna to form this captivating concept. Together, they’ve brought a unique sense of artistic awareness to the electronic music world by bringing human fashion and art installations to life at each event. In essence, Kaos Garden depicts all the madness that goes on in Okuda San Miguel’s inner world. It’s a place where reality and fantasy coexist as one. There’s no place to party like it.


Another phenomenal elrow stage theme to note is RowsAttacks. This concept is truly out of this world, featuring its twist on all things extraterrestrial. In this otherworldly house and techno-filled galaxy, attendees can expect to collide with an unimaginable universe of electrifying music, aliens, spaceships, cosmic performers, UFOs, stars, planets, and more. Amongst the supernatural chaos, the typical elrow madness and absurdity lives on. Earth and humanity are nonexistent at a RowsAttacks fiesta. No matter where in the crowd you reside, prepare to be blown away by intergalactic beings and mind-altering soundscapes.

Sambowdromo do Brasil 

Although every elrow concept resembles a carnival-like gathering, Sambowdromo do Brasil is the closest thing to an authentic Brazilian Carnival you’ll ever experience. Here, the ambiance is nothing short of rowdy. This is where the wild things are. At this outrageous elrow concept, the Amazonian jungle interlaces with the pulsating vibrancy of samba and all things Carnival, where attendees get the chance to rave freely amidst the barbaric foliage. If a typical Brazilian Carnival fiesta is wild, imagine what you’ll find at this one-of-a-kind elrow-designed celebration.

El Bowsque Encantado

One more whimsical and eye-catching elrow theme to observe is El Bowsque Encantado. Similar to Psyrowedelic Trip in some aspects, this multicolored magical forest is a mind-expanding world of its own. The theme’s name literally translates to “the enchanted forest,” and that’s exactly the ambiance you’ll partake in at this bewitching house and techno affair. If you’ve ever daydreamed of basking in an entirely mythical land of fairytale creatures among the natural beauty of the forest, this is one elrow concept you won’t want to miss out on. Once deep in the thick of El Bowsque, there’s no turning back.