ADE 2023: The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Conferences

Oct 15, 2023

Katie Knight

4 min read

Every autumn, Amsterdam takes center stage in the electronic music world with the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Since its inception in 1996, this monumental festival and conference has evolved, bringing together the industry's brightest minds and most dynamic talents. This year, the ADE lineup promises to offer a deep dive into the multi-faceted world of electronic music.

From Claptone's riveting first live interview, marking a decade of "No Eyes," to the future of festivals and the intricate economics of music streaming. Additionally, sessions like "How Jayda G Inspires Climate Action" showcase how dance music intertwines with pressing global issues. As we gear up for this year's event, this article offers a curated selection of the top conference picks, ensuring attendees navigate ADE's rich tapestry with insight and enthusiasm.

Claptone: First Ever Live Interview and Experience

ADE Pro is set to present the first ever live interview and Q&A session featuring Claptone, commemorating the 10-year milestone of the chart-topping song "No Eyes." Hosted by BBC Radio 1 presenter Danny Howard, this event will delve into the rapid ascent of one of the globe's most enigmatic artists, offering professionals a unique insight.

The Future of Festivals

The Future of Festivals TalkShow will provide a comprehensive perspective on the evolving nature of festivals and their societal significance. The discussion will encompass a close examination of the shifting sociological composition of festival-goers and evolving demographics, exploring topics such as redefining festivals to prioritize distinctive community interactions over mere lineups, delving into the core components that define a truly unique event.

20 Years of Armada Music: How to Stay Relevant

Discover the secrets to maintaining your relevance in a swiftly changing industry from Armin van Buuren and Maykel Piron, who are both co-founders of BEAT Music Fund, alongside Nadine van Bodegraven, who serves as COO.

Whether you're a well-experienced expert in the field or a rising star, this session offers valuable resources, tactics, and knowledge to safeguard and advance your career in the realm of dance music.

Predicting Hits: Human vs. Machine

In an era marked by the growing integration of Artificial Intelligence across various sectors, a fundamental query has emerged within the music domain: Is AI's ability to predict poised to transform the music landscape?

As we embark on an investigation into this prospective transformation in our field, we venture into the realm of Neuroforecasting, a convergence of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

How Jayda G Inspires Climate Action

During this engaging Q&A session featuring Jayda G and Nicolas Brown, they delve into their upcoming documentary "Blue Carbon", a compelling call to action for the preservation of vital coastal ecosystems, aimed at enthusiasts of dance music and environmental advocates alike.

Fossil Free Festivals of the Future – Presented by Greener Power Solutions

How can festivals transition from relying on fossil fuels to embracing sustainable, future-proof energy sources? This panel aims to ignite the festival industry's imagination regarding the future of energy while exploring three exemplary approaches to renewable energy solutions.

Inside Cercle - Unveiling the Creative Process

Examining one of Cercle's recent projects showcasing the incredible Miss Monique, this panel uncovers the inner workings of their stunning productions, delving into the partnership between the artist and Cercle for their performance at the Biosphere Museum in Montreal.

The Art of A&R by Adam Beyer

The core essence of any remarkable record label lies in its A&R abilities, and Adam Beyer, the creator of Drumcode, will delve into this concept during his Creative Keynote at ADE Pro.

How Much is Music Worth: The Value Proposition in Streaming Economics

A study into the economics of music streaming, examining the prevailing trends and how artists can shape the future, while also considering the model's influence on the production, release, and promotion of records.

HE.SHE.THEY. - How To Create Positivity Out Of Frustration

This is a story of how founders Stephen and Sophia transformed their industry-related frustration into a worldwide concept, demonstrating that anyone can achieve the same.

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