All Day I Dream Festival Artists Share Their ADID Magic Moments

May 9, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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If you’ve ever experienced the joy and whimsy of an All Day I Dream party thrown by Lee Burridge in scenic locations worldwide, you know the vibe is always sunny, dreamy, and pretty darn magical. Ahead of the first-ever All Day I Dream Festival, taking place at the Woodward Reservoir Park May 13 - 15, we check in with several of the talented ADID artist fam on the lineup to hear about their favorite magic moments from past ADID parties.

Read on to experience smile-inducing memories from Öona DahlBona FideMakeboTim GreenDouble TouchLauren RitterDim KellyGorje Hewek, and Christian Voldstad.

You can catch them all at what’s sure to be a dreamy weekend, along with Burridge, Little Dragon, Cubicolor, Guy Gerber, Jan Blomqvist, and others.

Öona Dahl

My favorite memory (from an ADID event) is my first All Day I Dream (Of You) on a Brooklyn rooftop, which happened to be the second one ever in 2011. I met so many people there that are still my friends to this day. I remember yelling with one of my friends, “I love my life,” and this couple looked at us and said, “What did you say?” Then they showed us a tattoo they both had on their arms that said, “I love my life.”

Öona and friend at All Day I Dream of You 2011

Öona Dahl

Tim Green

I suppose, a bit selfishly, one of my favorite moments from a past ADID event was back in April 2016 at the ADID London show at Studio 338. Lee played my track “For A Memory” to an extremely electric crowd and packed room! The reaction to the final drop was amazing and something that I will always remember. It's why I write music like this, to see people react in this way. There is nothing better than All Day I Dream, in my opinion. ❤️💚

Bona Fide

I've had many incredible memories over the last six to seven years of all the amazing ADID events across the globe. I'd have to highlight the ADID Summer Closing event at the Brooklyn Mirage in September 2019 with the unreal lineup of Powel, Gab Rhome, GHIZ, and Lee Burridge. As the sun was going down, Lee dropped Tim Green's remix of “Without” by Baile and Felicia Douglass. I was left speechless. At that exact moment, almost everything in the universe aligned and made sense. It was an incredibly surreal sensation that tingled my whole body, but at that exact moment, I felt incredibly fulfilled. It was something I'd never felt before.

I truly felt like I was having this gorgeous dream filled with positive auras and emotions. That's what made me pursue this “dream” of being part of this community. It’s moments like these, where you leave the real world behind and create a magical experience that you will remember forever. I'll carry that memory for the rest of my life, and I believe this track will firmly remain my favorite track of all time.


ADID showcases are always something special for me! You are in anticipation and pleasant excitement [before the event]. After the event, there is a long trail of pleasant memories from meetings with friends who love your music and from smiles of happiness and boundless freedom. It’s always only the most positive emotions and a breath of fresh air that charge you and bring inspiration to create new music!

Lauren Ritter

Lauren Ritter at ADID Oakland

The first-ever ADID I went to was in 2011 on a rooftop somewhere in Brooklyn. Lanterns were swaying in the wind against the backdrop of the most gorgeous sunset I had ever seen. Lee played all day and dropped this amazing track called “Milk & Honey.” It was magical!

Just before my first track, “Glass Hours,” came out on the label, Matt Dekay played it during his ADID set in Brooklyn. Standing in the crowd, watching people dance and smile while listening to my music, truly blew me away.

When I played my first ADID in 2015, my friends made a banner for me saying “All Day We Dream of Lauren Ritter '' and held it up during my opening set. It was such a sweet moment!

There was an ADID in Oakland with Öona and Lee a few years back that had such good energy with everyone in full party mode. Honestly, lots of good memories over the years. I can’t wait to reunite with everyone at the festival!! Catch me at the Holorealmz Dome on Friday night and the Circus Tent Stage on Saturday night!


Our favorite moment would be the whole experience at our very first ADID event, which was at Golden Gate Park in 2019. We always wanted to attend one of these events, so playing at our first one was an extra bonus!

We met a bunch of the ADID crew for the first time here–Roy, Junior, and Hoj. Van-Anh also met Lee for the first time that day. It was a marathon of a day, from playing the opening slot at the day event to grabbing kebabs with Roy and Junior before closing the after-party at the club.

Roy’s massive banger “The Biggest Heart” had just been released the week before, and when Lee dropped it, we saw Roy and Junior pop up in the crowd, dancing in the front row. It was just an epic day of smiles and great music!


The most memorable moment with ADID was probably my first meet with Lee. It was at COVA SANTA in Ibiza in 2021, I had already released a title on the ADID winter sampler, and we were preparing to release my first EP.

It was important for me to feel the human dimension of the person with whom I was about to work closely, and I immediately understood that I was in good hands and that Lee understood my music with his heart.

Then he played my track "Display," I saw his soul filled with enthusiasm and joy, and I said to myself, "Ooowkey! Let's make things happen."

Gorje Hewek

I have tons of magic memories from ADID parties, but if I choose only one of them, it’s New Year's Day in Los Angeles. It was in Chinatown, which I personally love so much because it’s a cozy atmosphere. Besides a fantastic crowd and the huge love that Los Angeles always shows, it was a perfect moment to spend the first day of the year. It was truly festive. Confetti and crackers were flying everywhere, the air was charged with love, and there was a feeling of the beginning of a new chapter, with which each new year begins. One of those moments that, after a while, you want to return to again and again.

Christian Voldstad

All Day I Dream has been one of my favorite event series since its inception. I remember attending the first ones on a sunny rooftop in Brooklyn called Officeops, which used to literally shake when things got energetic, it probably wasn't the safest, but it sure was fun! This was back when Mike Khoury was opening, Dain was making tacos, Larry did the sound, and Karen would never stop dancing...ever.

All Day I Dream has always struck me as the most blissful, beautiful way to spend the last few rays of weekend sunshine. The music, venue, and production have always been spot on, but most importantly, everyone is dancing with a smile. Lee Burridge and the entire team do a fantastic job, and you can tell the amount of effort everyone puts in every time. I still sometimes have to pinch myself when I remember I'm involved now, and I get horribly nervous before I push any buttons or twist any knobs, but I'm so incredibly grateful to be able to contribute at the same time. When you love something, it's incredibly rewarding to be able to help, and while it is a lot of work, it is a great pleasure as well.

One of my favorite ADID events was the New York boat party that sailed through a thunderstorm, no one left the dance floor, and everyone was a sopping wet smiling mess. The one at BPM in Playa del Carmen was amazing. Flip-flopping around in the sand to the music was absolutely perfect. Really any of them are going to be highlights just because they're so much fun. This photo from the Well in Brooklyn popped up in my feed recently, and I think it captures things perfectly. :)

Christian Voldstad ay ADID 2012

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