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BLOND:ISH Launches Innovative Climate Conscious $BYEBYE Token

May 4, 2022

Austin Miller

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Acclaimed international DJ, producer, activist, and Web3 entrepreneur Vivie-Ann Bakos—aka BLOND:ISH—has become a leading voice for climate consciousness across various mediums while paving new paths between artists and fans within the digital space. Last week, Bakos blazed a new trail unveiling a pioneering partnership for her Bye Bye Plastic Foundation during International Music Summit Ibiza, the premier forum for electronic music.

This Summer, Bye Bye Plastic will partner with Web3 platform, Socialstack, to launch the $BYEBYE social token, a cryptocurrency that can only be earned through environmental actions. It offers unique redemption opportunities such as limited NFTs, membership, and real-world experiences. Celo, a carbon-negative blockchain, powers this first-of-its-kind impact-driven social token.

But how is such an innovative program made possible with so many moving pieces?

Bye Bye Plastic is the inaugural grant recipient of Socialstack’s Climate Action Social Token Fund. This groundbreaking initiative comes in collaboration with Celo’s Climate Collective to fund and provide infrastructure to cultural and brand leaders for the development of Web3 communities addressing the climate crisis. 

The $75K grant will allow Bye Bye Plastic and Socialstack to run the first-ever Impact To Earn (I2E) campaign in the Web3 space, with $25,000 in CELO tokens rewarded to those who take positive actions. This aims to capitalize on the notable rise in popularity of Play To Earn (P2E) gaming. 

BLOND:ISH shared her intentions for the token format, saying, “The sustainable and circular economy still needs to appear stimulating and incentivizing in our everyday lives in order to win the tide of climate change. With a token that rewards environmental actions, we aim to not only gamify but also effortlessly change the culture that will shape a plastic-free and more regenerative world.”

And why is a fledgling space like Web3 such an exciting new vehicle for this kind of climate-conscious movement? Craig Wilson, CEO of Climate Collective, shares, “Reversing climate change is a problem that is best suited to Web3. Climate is a mass coordination problem, and Web3 is a mass coordination tool.”

Web3 describes decentralized online ecosystems based on the use of blockchain technologies. For further explanation of blockchain-based projects and their use in the music industry, check out our insights in 10 Dance Music Led Blockchain Projects.

$BYEBYE will launch at the end of Summer 2022. For more info, visit

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