From Local Gigs to Global Hits: Mason Talbot's World

Mar 28, 2024

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In the heart of the UK's underground music scene, Mason Talbot is a name that’s quickly become synonymous with fresh beats and wet sets. From Leeds to the bigger stages, Talbot has crafted a space for himself where garage meets tech house, and every track tells a story. It all kicked off with those tech house edits on SoundCloud and local gigs around Leeds, but it wasn’t long before his track "Cocaina'' caught fire on Lee Foss's South of Saturn imprint, turning heads and moving feet worldwide.

Talbot's journey is as real as it gets. Starting from humble beginnings with a love for music, he found his groove in electronic beats and never looked back. This exclusive chat dives deep into how he lays down tracks, starting with those crucial drum patterns and keeping distractions at bay to keep the creative vibes flowing. He shares tales from behind the decks, like that unforgettable night at Lab 11 in Birmingham, where the connection with the crowd was just magic.

But it’s not all about the big moments. Mason gets real about the grind, from shaping the unique vibe of his own label, Redefy, to juggling the many hats artists wear today. He’s all about creating a space for his music and lifting up the talented friends around him. Plus, he’s not shy about the challenges and the highs and lows of staying inspired in a scene that’s always on the move.

Talbot’s also got the scoop on what’s next, from new tracks ready to drop to dreams of spinning in new cities and bringing his sound to fans across the globe. And with plans to dive deeper into melodic territories, it’s clear he’s just getting started.

Mason Talbot's latest belter, "Fuck You," dropped on House Hats Records, and it's been activating the dance floors since it’s release. The track showcases Talbot's knack for blending cheeky energy with deep, driving beats, making it a standout hit that resonates with crowds worldwide. Collaborating with House Hats again proves Talbot's ability to find a home for his dynamic sound, connecting with an audience eager for his next move.

If you're chasing the latest in house music, Mason Talbot is the name to remember. He's got fresh tracks lined up that promise to keep the scene lively and genuine. Mason's not just spinning records; he’s part of what it means to be at the heart of house music today.

How do you approach the creative process when starting a new track, and how do you know when it's complete?

I usually start my track with drums, as to me, they're the most crucial element of any track. I always try to draw inspiration from the dance floor and music that I love. A big part of my creative workflow is making sure I'm in the right mindset to create and getting rid of distractions like my phone, etc. Knowing when something is finished can be difficult; a big part of my workflow is testing new music and making sure it works live, and to me, if it does, it's pretty much there.

Can you describe a moment or experience when you felt you truly connected with your audience during a live set?

I think the most connected I've felt to an audience during a set was during my set at Birmingham's Lab 11 when I headlined their Afta Dark event. The energy in that place is truly special, and I felt like the crowd was very open to the different styles of music I was playing. It went off!

What was it about Lee Foss’s South of Saturn that made it the right fit for "Cocaina," and how has your relationship with the label evolved since then?

Lee Foss has always been a massive inspiration to me, and he keeps his eye on the scene very closely. He DM'd me as he saw the track on an Instagram page, and from there, the conversation started about him signing the track. I have now released on three of Lee’s labels, and it has always been an amazing experience. I will always be grateful to Lee and the Repopulate Mars team for all of their support on my sound.

In what ways do you think playing at different venues across the UK has shaped your approach to DJing and production?

Playing at different venues such as Mint Warehouse, Lab 11, TANK, and Egg London has really changed how I DJ and make music. Each city and event can have a different vibe to it, which has definitely made me more versatile as a DJ. A big goal of mine now is to start taking my sound abroad to different countries.

Could you share more about your vision for Redefy and how you plan to differentiate it in the crowded music label industry?

I think at the start, the main goal with Redefy was to have an outlet for my music that didn’t fit any other labels. Moving forward, I want it to have its own distinctive sound for me to showcase not only my own music but also other talented producers' work, and to have a clear aesthetic and sound for the music and visuals. I have lots of exciting plans with the label and some events where I will be showcasing the label's sound coming this year.

How do you stay inspired and avoid creative burnout, especially with the pressures of the industry?

I think avoiding burnout in this industry can be quite hard. I've got ADHD, which makes it sometimes overwhelming with how many different jobs you need to do to be a successful artist today. I've recently been able to go full time with my music, and this has definitely helped me manage my time better.

You recently released your third track “Fuck You” with House Hats Records. What is it about that team that keeps you coming back? Why did you release it on their imprint instead of your own?

House Hats Records has truly been an amazing team to work with, always providing a space for creative freedom and collaboration that feels like a second family. The team's constant support and shared excitement for pushing the boundaries in electronic music make them the perfect fit for my work. Dropping "Fuck You" with House Hats lets me reach a wider audience and connect to their network in America, which really pushes my sound.

How do you see your music evolving in the next five years, and are there any new labels you hope to release on?

In the next five years, the main goal would be to release a lot more longer projects and potentially a full album of tracks that flow together. I have a lot of label goals definitely. I would love to release on Hottrax, Belief, and Heavy House Society, among many more in the future.

What has been your most challenging project to date, and what did you learn from it?

I think my most challenging projects are the ones I am working on now. In the last few months, I have been making a lot of new music that has a lot more melodic elements than some of my older tracks, and they are starting to become a lot more detailed and complex, especially on the mix down side of things. I love challenging myself with new ideas and think enjoying the process is a big aspect of creating music and learning to be patient with new ideas sometimes.

If you could only play one more set, what three tracks would definitely make the playlist and why?

Kerri Chandler - You Are in My System. Probably my favorite house track of all time; it would have to make the playlist.

Danny Bond vs. Human Resource - Dominator (Extended Mix). This is just one of their tracks that always goes off no matter what; every time I have played this tune, it just gets everyone moving.

JIZZ, Oscar Silva - Back To Funk (Di Chiara Brothers Remix). Another track that has been in a lot of my sets over the past couple of years. I love this style of UKG-inspired minimal house.

Got any exciting upcoming releases or projects fans should be looking forward to? I definitely plan to release a lot of new tracks this year. I have multiple EPs set to be released on Redefy and a remix of Kai Rodriguez's new track coming out in March, the first to LewRaz’s label NoHassle. I have lots of new music ready to share and have been focusing on taking my sound to the next level.

If you were stuck on an island and you could only bring three records with you, which ones would they be?

1. Hot Natured - Different Sides of The Sun

2. Instinct - 05

3. Chris Stussy - Midtown Playground

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