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Explore Ibiza's Longest Running Residencies

Apr 22, 2022

Pilar Lopez

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Ibiza is an inseparable part of some of the world’s biggest party brands. Some were born on the island. Many call it their second home. The White Isle has been a permanent magnet for a wide range of genres and music styles, inspiring aficionados and party-goers worldwide.

Since the first superclubs—Amnesia and Pacha—were founded in the ’70s, Ibiza has remained synonymous with dance music and club culture's evolution. And with each new club and residency, Ibiza further cemented its global reputation as a trendsetter.

The golden age of electronic music in Ibiza went hand in hand with the rave wave of the 90s, encouraging promoters and musicians from across the planet to try their luck on the island each summer with new creative concepts.

Throughout the years, big-name DJs and world-renown promoters have

become residents at the clubs they once raved as teenagers. Ibiza has helped them reach new heights in the industry and been an engine for their careers.

As Ibiza prepares for its biggest season yet, let’s look at some of the island’s most influential artists and their longest-running residencies.

F*** ME I’M FAMOUS by David Guëtta

David Guetta first made his imprint on the island in the late 90s. Already a regular on the dancefloor, he was invited to play on the infamous Space Ibiza terrace. He also ran a few parties at Amnesia under the name Ohlala!.

He would personally hand out flyers on the beaches to promote his early performances in the early days. But in 2003, when he started F*** ME I’M FAMOUS, the Parisian DJ, producer, and songwriter had already started his meteoric rise both in Ibiza and worldwide.

His residency brought glamour, exclusivity, and one of the hottest productions to the island with a crowd made up of rock stars, top models, fashion designers, and jet setters. He introduced posh VIP appeal to the nightclub scene of the White Isle.

In 2019, Guetta decided to move the iconic party brand to Hï Ibiza after starting a partnership with its sister venue in 2016, hosting the open-air party BIG by David Guetta at Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Even after becoming a global success story, Guetta continues to curate his sexy and provocative shows in Ibiza and beyond.


In 1985 Carl Cox, his then-girlfriend, and his sister Pamela came to Ibiza for the first time with a recently purchased Fiat Panda that they also slept in. They had no idea where they were headed, but the bright lights of San Antonio drew him in. The little money he had was spent on one epic night at Amnesia, and despite being broke, it changed his life.

Carl was already becoming a key figure in the Acid house and rave parties in the UK and quickly fell in love with the island's music, culture, and sunny weather. Carl returned to Ibiza every year, sometimes to party and others to DJ. He became a staple of the scene and finally got a residency at Space Ibiza in 2001, helping establish the venue as one of the greatest clubs in the world. His party CARL COX: THE REVOLUTION was at the forefront of the Ibiza scene for 15 consecutive years and became the most successful residency in the island’s history.

Carl has proven his love for playing music, breaking tunes, and celebrating life as a dance music pioneer, the king of techno, Intec label owner, a magnetic personality, and an all-time favorite in Ibiza. Although his relationship with Space Ibiza ended when the club sadly closed its doors in 2016, he remained attached to the island.

Cox launched PURE CARL COX a year later at Privilege. In 2018, he played the One Night Stand party at Amnesia, Pacha, and DC-10 and brought Resistance (his lauded partnership with Ultra Music Festival) to Privilege in 2019.

The British icon continues to be one of the most in-demand DJs, with countless festival and club appearances every year. Yet, seeing him in Ibiza continues to be a singular experience.

COCOON by Sven Väth

Sven Väth arrived in Ibiza on holiday when he was 16, and it changed his life. When he returned to Germany, he realized that he wanted to become a DJ. His career began in the ’80s, and as techno arrived in Berlin, he led the revolution.

Sven imagined his COCOON concept after La Fura dels Baus (a Spanish theatrical company) came to Berlin in 1994. The show’s hanging cocoons filled with water inspired him to pour his money into a brand that represented metamorphosis and change.

The techno night soon became Amnesia's flagship party and became a paradise for all the ravers on the island who loved techno. When the 2019 season closed, COCOON had been on the island for 20 years. Its influence on the sound of Ibiza is immeasurable. He's built a strong community of cocooneros, revolutionized afterparty culture, and elevated the music careers of many DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, and Ricardo Villalobos. Without Cocoon, dance music in Ibiza might look completely different today.


The most deep-rooted party on the island is FLOWER POWER, a concept that recreates the magic of the 60s. This slogan originated in California as a peaceful movement against the war in Vietnam, where flowers represented an iconic symbol of non-violence, love, and harmony.

Ibiza was home to many hippie communities who found an ideal place to rebel in opposition to societal norms and feel free. The island has celebrated nearly four decades of this gathering, where people of all ages wear clothes adorned with intricate details, vibrant colors, and real flowers. It’s all soundtracked to the anthems of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Music from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin transport you to another era. In 2022 the genuine party returns to Pacha for its 40th season.

These are just a few successful residencies that have shaped Ibiza’s party scene. Ibiza now has over 20 superclubs, tons of day clubs, nightclubs, hundreds of beach clubs, and many more places to enjoy music. But the essence of these parties and DJs will never be lost.

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