Mindchatter Chronicles: From Trippy Beginnings to "Spiritual Puberty"

Dec 13, 2023

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Introducing Mindchatter, the musical persona of Bryce Connolly, a singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from New York. With his freshly released EP, Spiritual Puberty, on Foreign Family Collective’s imprint, Mindchatter invites listeners on a candid exploration of personal growth and the intricate journey through adulthood. In a recent interview, we not only delve into the intricacies of the EP but also unravel layers of Mindchatter's life and journey.

From the challenges faced during production to personal experiences shaping his art, the interview provides a nuanced glimpse into Connolly's evolution. Embracing a more lyric-focused, singer-songwriter approach, Mindchatter's music straddles the boundaries of electronic and folk influences, making him a standout in the chaotic industry of music.

About the EP, "Spiritual Puberty"

The title Spiritual Puberty is evocative. What inspired this choice, and how does it encapsulate the EP's essence?

Spiritual Puberty is the stage of life where you start to really grow up and unlearn the parts of your past that hold you back. Late twenties is a weird age because you realize that you’re an adult and adults have no idea what’s going on either.

Which track from Spiritual Puberty was the most challenging to produce and why?

Day Dreams” went through many phases of destruction and renewal before I ended up with the final version. I fell in love with the instrumental and wanted to write a song that was worthy of the beat so I tried a million different things. Eventually I added the vocals of a completely different song to the instrumental and they fit perfectly.

Can you describe a specific moment or experience that directly inspired one of the tracks on the EP?

I wrote “Misunderstood” right after I got married. It’s about finally finding someone that makes you feel understood.

The electronic music world is vast. How did you ensure "Spiritual Puberty" stood apart from the crowd?

It’s really barely an electronic album, I think it kind of exists in between the cracks. I listen to all genres including a lot of folk and acoustic stuff, so this EP was intentionally more lyric focused and singer-songwritery. The next batch of music I’m putting out is more dance floor focused.

Deep Dives

You’ve spoken about the introspection in your music. Is there a particular philosophy or mantra that drives you artistically?

Our thoughts create our reality, they can make us sick or they can make us well. Trying to stay present is the mantra that drives me… turns out I’m not very good at it, but music helps me get there.

How do you navigate the balance between creating music for personal expression versus music for the dance floor?

I just picture a dance floor full of me’s. I can never know what other people like so I have to double down on what I like. Once artists start trying to guess what others want to hear, that’s where everything goes south.

Your tracks are known for blending introspective lyrics with danceable beats. What's the most personal lyric you've ever written?

“When you’re not sad then life doesn’t count/ cause when things go good you don’t look around.”

Where did the name Mindchatter come from?

The struggle to stay present and free of mind-chatter is a big part of my life and it bleeds into my music a lot.

Past Experiences

Reflecting on your journey, how do you feel your sound has evolved?

I see a lot of growth, particularly in my voice and lyrics. Spiritual Puberty is more intimate and vulnerable which I think is necessary in good music. On the production side I’m still constantly experimenting with new sound design.

You've received acclaim from industry stalwarts like Pete Tong. Was there a specific moment you realized you were breaking into the big leagues?

The moments for me have been from fans - getting gifts that people made me, seeing some Mindchatter tattoos, nice messages, etc. Those are way more impactful than any industry praise.

Looking Forward

Now that "Spiritual Puberty" is about to be released, what's the next milestone you're aiming for?

More music, more shows! I have some dance records that I’m really excited to put out and I’m still finding ways to push myself with the live show.

Any dream collaborations or venues to play on your wish list?

Thom Yorke at Red Rocks would be pretty sweet.

Fun & Light-Hearted

If you could hop on a track with any famous artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Radiohead is probably number one.

If "Mindchatter" wasn't your artist’s name, what would be your second choice?

DJ People Pleaser.

If you could name this chapter of your life, what would be the title?

Spiritual Puberty.


Finally, for someone new to your music, which three tracks (across your discography) would you recommend they start with to truly understand Mindchatter?

Tough as Nails, It’s Been You, Human Shape, Day Dreams, Tree Rings, Phlegm, (three is not enough).

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