We Asked These Artists What They Were Thankful For in 2021

Nov 24, 2021

Alexander Dias

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It goes without saying that 2021 is a particularly poignant year to count what we should be thankful for. Actually, maybe it does need to be spoken because being vocal about what you're grateful for is necessary. And after the dumpster fire of 2020, counting our blessings in 2021 should be required of everyone.

Dance music's return to festivals and clubs in many parts of the world was welcomed with open arms and shuffling feet. And the epic festival season that unfolded in the last half of the year was unlike any other. The house and techno community has much to be thankful for.

While we don't need a holiday to remind us to be grateful, it doesn't hurt to have the reminder. We asked a few Gray Area friends and family to share what they are most thankful for in 2021. As you read ahead, take a moment to reflect on the friends, family, events, tracks, and experiences that made 2021 an incredible year for you. We're thankful for the dance music community and you.

Will Clarke

"This year is a particularly meaningful time to reflect and be thankful. I'm both thankful for all of the time I have been able to spend back home in England and I'm also incredibly grateful to be back on the road doing what I love again."

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Tara Brooks

"I'm grateful for the ocean & that I fully committed myself to surfing. Im grateful for everyone's who's believed in and supported me, even when things have felt empty and disconnected. Im grateful for my passion & drive to never give up. Im grateful for my friends, fam, music evolutions, & all of YOU!"

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Life On Planets

"I'm grateful for the team in 2021. It takes a village! I wanna say a big big thank you to my manager Jon McDonald for believing in me. His faith in my music lead to some AMAZING opportunities in 2021 including collaborating with Lubelski & Claude VonStroke, playing the Dirtybird main stage, becoming a Twitch partner, getting a ton of music signed to some very dope labels and so much more. 2022 is gonna be a movie. Much love to my teams at 2+2 Management and Liaison. Also a big shout to Moody Jones for taking our collabs sky high!"

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Jeremy Olander

"I'm grateful for being back on the road again, particularly being back in NYC, but also for the time I got to spend in the studio and with my family and friends. Living a 'regular' life has definitely had it's upsides but I'm more than ready to get back to business."

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"I'm grateful to be able to spend time with all the people I love again, dancing in clubs, grabbing drinks at our favorite dive bars, catching a movie at the theater. I've never been so grateful for the little things as I am now, and I'm looking forward to never taking anything for granted again!"

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Dillon Nathaniel

"I’m thankful for my health and my family first and foremost. I am so happy that we have survived such a crazy time and we all get to spend the holidays together again!

“The second thing I am most thankful for is to be able to play shows again. Electronic music has stood it’s ground and we are back stronger than ever. I am so thankful I can hug my fans after my set and be able to continue my journey with music.”

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Justin Jay

"Got so much to be thankful for this year. It's surreal to experience live music again. I love how music can bring people together and lift people's spirits even when times are tough. It's been surreal to experience that once again from both the stage and the dance floor. I teared up pretty intensely at my first DJ setback since COVID and have attended so many amazing shows as a fan since.

"Enjoying live music in person has been such a big part of my life, and I'm insanely grateful to have it back. I'm also grateful to have discovered a newfound balance in my life between touring and staying at home. Leading up to COVID, I was on the cusp of being burnt out from non-stop traveling. It's quite hard to turn down gigs when they're so much fun. However, achieving a healthier balance that enables me to be productive in the studio, stay connected with friends & family and treat my body well has been a game-changer.

"Above all, the thing I'm the most grateful for is all of the amazing people who are in my life. The isolation of COVID definitely put things into perspective for me about how important it is to not be alone. Real relationships take time and effort to cultivate and maintain, which is something I've been trying to improve on. Very very grateful to be surrounded by truly incredible friends, family, coworkers, fans, and humans. Feeling so much gratitude and hoping for all the PLUR going into the new year! <3"

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