Skream Gives Lubelski’s ‘Ice Cream Cone’ a Hectic Modular Remix

Mar 3, 2023

Austin Miller

2 min read

Claude Von Stroke’s trailblazing label, Dirtybird, has become synonymous with innovative music punctuated by left-field elements. Some tracks got groove, some have power, but all are guaranteed to be delightfully weird. “Ice Cream Cone,” by Claude Von Stroke, Lubelski, and Life On Planets is a certified bop with a shuffle-ready beat and enticing production, but the tune recently received a mind-numbing remix that pushes it to the highest echelons of avant-garde.

Exploring the bounds of dance music isn’t for everyone. It takes a strange mind to concoct something fit for the Dirtybird library. But no artist is better suited for the challenge than legendary producer, Skream. Not only did he undeniably impact the development of the dubstep genre in the early 2000s, he is also one of few artists to successfully pivot from dubstep to house. Recently, we’ve seen the multi-label head stoke the old flames of his first love while playing a prominent role in the greater dance music landscape. This mastery of the light and the low end comes to a head in Skream’s four-minute Modular Remix of “Ice Cream Cone.”

Push play and listen to what might be the most alluring industrial glitch around. A steady bounce into sense-tingling hypnosis seems unavoidable as a minimal percussion kit sets a hollow but steadfast tether to reality. Distorted vocals cast a peculiarly tempting spell while mechanical ticks ring out into space, shamelessly suspending listeners in a state of guarded seduction.

Saying this track is off-the-wall would be an understatement, and that’s exactly why we love it. If true art sparks feeling and conversation, consider us set ablaze.

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