‘Connecting the Dots’ Film Series Highlights Three Black, UK talents

Jul 11, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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As journalists, historians, and artists continue to shine a light on the Black roots of electronic dance music, a new series of short films directed by London-based Daisy Gaston, aptly titled Connecting the Dots, will be released via Resident Advisor.

The films focus on three cardinal Black, British figures within the UK electronic music community. The first in the series kicked off on July 5 and offers an exclusive look into Future Bounce label founder and BBC 1Xtra DJ Jamilla Walters, aka Jamz Supernova. She reflects on a changing electronic music scene, musings on Afro-diasporic dance records, and passing the proverbial baton to other dance music community members so future generations may understand the cultural and historical significance of Black artists’ contributions.

“Industries around creativity that start from a place of marginalization, or class…It’s seen as cool, it’s seen as edgy, and then somebody may come in with the means and the position to do the same thing and get ten times the amount of interest,” Walters shared candidly in the short film.

“So if we think about those young black and brown kids that started off disco, house, and techno… imagine a more privileged white DJ comes in and starts doing something similar—who’s going to get more bookings? Who’s going to get paid more? Who’s going to have longevity in the industry to be able to do what they’re doing?”

Featuring compelling cinematography by Miguel Cármenes and stunning coloring by Andi Chu of Black Kite Studios, Connecting the Dots grants viewers a unique opportunity to discover a more intimate side of three prominent UK artists as they share their insight on the music, the industry, and the Black roots of dance music.

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