Fred Again.., Skrillex, and Four Tet Play a Sold-Out Pop-Up Show in New York City

Feb 17, 2023

Lisa Kocay

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The three music mavens got behind the decks to deliver a multi-genre show in Brooklyn’s Good Room on Tuesday, February 14. It’s safe to say that the Pangbourne House Mafia (PHM)—which refers to the house where Fred Again.., Four Tet, and Skrillex stayed together in England while working last year—delivered a stellar four-hour set.

“This show was absolutely phenomenal,” says attendee Daniel Scott. “It was amazing from start to finish. I hit the lottery.”

The trio announced the surprise show on Tuesday afternoon, and tickets went on sale shortly after, selling out immediately. They performed another pop-up show on Thursday, February 16, and announced a massive set at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, February 18, where tickets also sold out at high speed on Wednesday, February 15.

The Tuesday event went down at Good Room, a small venue located in Brooklyn. Fred Again.. had teased a run of New York City shows on his Discord server, posting, “02.15-19 PHM NYC.”

“I love how excited they were to play an intimate Valentine’s [Day] show for us,” says attendee Alex Genito. “To see the support and care they give each other is a beautiful thing to see—brotherly love bonded by music.”

Fred Again.., Skrillex, and Four Tet played numerous hit tracks, including “Butterflies,” “Jungle,” “Hannah (the sun),” “Billie (loving arms),” “Delilah (pull me out of this),” and, of course, “Turn on the Lights again...” and “Rumble.” The trio indeed played a set across a variety of genres, with Skrillex even coming in hot with the classic hit “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.” The three teased their collaborative track, only hinting at it instead of providing an official statement.

“[I] love how relaxed [they] were, like they were just hanging out and playing a show for their close friends,” says attendee Yvonne Thea.

Skrillex has been off the radar as of late, but he has emerged in recent months donning a new look of shorter hair, leaving behind his long, curly locks and glasses. He marked his recent return with his “Rumble” collaboration with Fred Again.. and Flowdan. Skrillex released his single “Don’t Get Too Close,” featuring Bibi Bourelly, on Monday, February 13. His new album “Quest for Fire” dropped on Friday, February 17, which includes a flurry of top artists such as Missy Elliot, PEEKABOO, Pete Wentz, Noisa, and Porter Robinson. Four Tet has also been on the down low as of late, however, he’ll be emerging from the studio for a run of massive upcoming shows in New York City, Los Angeles, and London, featuring lighting by Squidsoup.

“Fred Again.., Skrillex, and Four Set truly delivered,” says attendee Karrah Goldberg. “They matched our energy and created an immaculate vibe for everyone to dance to. Especially with Skrillex keeping such a low profile lately, it was dope to see his new look and tease some new music. More Brooklyn pop-up shows, please!”

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