5 Eskuche Tracks You Should Know

Dec 1, 2022

Harry Levin

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In the modern rise of house music, Russian-born, Miami-based DJ and producer Eskuche has proven himself to be a standout. Having actively played out and released music for over a decade, he's crafted a unique sound that harnesses the joy of the dancefloor and the maturity of a seasoned veteran.

It’s no surprise that celebrated labels like Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations, Gorgon City’s Realm, and Green Velvet’s Relief Records have all added the music of Eskuche to their catalog. With such an ear for raw grooves, it was almost painful to pick just five tracks that demonstrate his skills.

1. Passion

“Passion” is the lead single from Eskuche’s debut release on Hannah Wants’ record label, Etiquette. Those who know Hannah know she only accepts the hottest, most seductive four-on-the-floor beats for her sets, and her label is no different.

“Passion” leans more toward the minimal side, but its restrained approach doesn’t detract from its power. No wonder Eskuche’s continued a fruitful relationship with Etiquette, including collaborations with Hannah like “The Ish” and “Way Gone.”

2. Paranoid

Some of Eskuche’s most formative years as an artist happened on the island of Ibiza, and nothing screams Ibiza like elrow.

“Paranoid” comes from Eskuche’s EP Space, his first-ever release on elrow music. Listening to the breakdown midway through the track in all its wonky, acid-tinged glory, it’s clear he was thinking about blasts of confetti and animal inflatables flying through the air (both familiar sights at elrow) when the drop hits.

3. Concentrate

Another happy result of Eskuche’s time on the White Isle came from his relationship with none other than Chicago dance music icon Green Velvet. The two connected at a party the way people do in Ibiza. From there, Green Velvet beckoned Eskuche to send him music.

“Concentrate” was the first track Eskuche shared with Green Velvet. 30 minutes after he sent the email, they were putting plans in motion to release it on Relief Records. A few weeks later, it was out. Eskuche went on to release multiple tracks on Relief and now plays Green Velvet’s La La Land parties all over the world.

4. Activator

Eskuche doesn’t just credit the island of Ibiza as a place where he made great connections. It was where he truly defined his current, drum-heavy sound.

“Activator” is one of the tracks he produced while living in Ibiza, and though it wasn’t his first release on Hot Creations, it is the most infectious. Within the track, the word “activate” repeats frequently, and that’s what happens to people on the dancefloor when they hear it.

5. New York

Before Eskuche discovered his current sound while living in Ibiza, he made a name for himself in the deepest, darkest underground reaches of Brooklyn, New York.

Many artists have ventured into this forsaken corner of dance music territory. Few emerge with a release from the legendary Nervous Records. Eskuche belongs to this tight inner circle, and the effortless bounce of “New York” leaves no misconceptions as to why.

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