Eskuche: "Ibiza Changed My Musical Tastes"

Dec 2, 2022

Harry Levin

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Eskuche definitely isn’t the only artist in the realm of house and techno to say that Ibiza changed their life. As one of the world’s most renowned and notorious hubs for dance music and club culture, it’s impossible to track how many notable careers have resulted from the legendary parties of the White Isle. But the fact that Eskuche is one of many artists influenced by Ibiza doesn’t devalue the island’s effect on him and his music.

For years before he settled in Ibiza for two summers, Eskuche was traveling around the world. He was building his career while trying to find somewhere to call home.

He originally came up in Russia, where the opportunities to grow as an artist were limited. He then relocated to Brooklyn, New York, an undoubted hotspot for a hungry dance music artist. But after spending almost all his life in the cold, he was ready for a change of pace.

Eskuche first visited Ibiza in 2013 for the same reason most people do: to party like there is no tomorrow. After coming back in 2016, though, he was older, wiser and saw what the island could offer him as an artist.

He would go on to spend 2017 and 2018 in Ibiza, working as much as he enjoyed the sunny weather. It was during this time he defined his current, drum-heavy sound.

He wrote notable pieces of work like his EP Activator for Hot Creations and “Concentrate,” which would go on to release with Green Velvet’s Relief Records (Eskuche connected with Green Velvet when he was staying on Ibiza as well).

The warm weather of Ibiza truly imbued the music of Eskuche with a certain heat. It's a type of fire that’s made him a favorite on the White Isle in his own right and is only burning brighter as the years pass.

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