Mihalis Safras & Eskuche's Rolling Tech House Heater Has Us 'Feeling Good'

Jun 3, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

When it comes to genuinely impacting present-day dance music, Mihalis Safras and Eskuche have the scene on lock. A quick listen to their respective libraries will show you the level of mastery each artist possesses. Combine that dual mastery into the collaborative single, “Feeling Good,” and you have one top-shelf heater ready to burn up every dancefloor in a fifty-mile radius. The skittering drum kit wastes no time setting a break-neck pace, and once that ascending buzz drops into a zesty rolling bass line, it’s only a matter of time until every foot in the room is stepping right along.

Mihalis Safras has time and time again been the mastermind behind some of your favorite underground tracks while also concocting some of your favorite DJ’s favorite underground tracks. His command of the tech house sound dates back years before the sub-genres current boom leading him to pioneering status on major labels like Relief, Hot Creations, Moon Harbour, and his own Material Records.

Running parallel to the Greek talent is house music’s premiere Russian groove selector, Eskuche. Since his debut a decade ago, Eskuche’s dynamic, no-nonsense percussion patterns and soul-snatching bass lines have made him one of the most consistently impressive talents to work on heavy-hitter labels like Hot Creations, Elrow, Relief, and more.

Consistency is one of the essential ingredients to success, and quality music output is something both Safras and Eskuche consistently have in spades. A trait that comes to life in the form of their 2022 collab, “Feeling Good.”

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