How Eskuche's Sound was Shaped by His Nomadic Lifestyle

Dec 2, 2022

Harry Levin

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Human beings are products of their environment. Whether they realize it or not, factors such as where a person is born, where they live, and the people with whom they spend their time contribute to shaping humans into who they really are. The same applies to music productions. There is not an artist in history whose environment didn’t influence them in some way, and Eskuche has been a part of numerous environments throughout his life and career.

He was born in Russia, relocated to New York City, spent two years in Ibiza, and now lives in Miami. All four of these regions have a distinct house and techno identity. Throughout his musical evolution, Eskuche has come to embody the best of them.

When he was cutting his teeth in Russia, Eskuche’s earliest tracks, like “Into It” and “Mothership,” displayed a sense of minimalism and restraint. These two qualities are reflexive of the contained nature of Russia, while demonstrating a wealth of talent that had yet to spring forward from the young producer.

When he moved to NYC, placements on vital record labels like Hot Creations and Nervous Records came his way as he elucidated that he was making music for the dancefloor. His debut single on Hot Creations, “Acid Jump,” communicates a certain desire to explore, and NYC is the perfect place to do so.

Eskuche then went to Ibiza, where his current sound took off. He connected with Green Velvet and signed the bass-heavy banger “Concentrate” to Relief Records. He also staked a claim in Desert Hearts Records with his Robot Love EP.

Now he’s chilling on the beach in Miami—well, figuratively, because his musical output is busier and more diverse than ever. Offerings on Gorgon City’s Realm and collaborations with Mihalis Safras feature prominently in Eskuche's recent output.

With his arsenal growing rapidly, a sunrise slot on the Club Space terrace is undoubtedly in the near future for Eskuche.

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