5 Oden & Fatzo Tracks You Should Know

Feb 10, 2023

Sierra Vandervort

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Oden & Fatzo, a trio of French house DJs, are gaining recognition for their impressively rich sound palette. This live electronic act combines three of France’s most exciting emerging talents, Parisian duo Oden and fellow producer Fatzo. Over the last four years, they have become a prominent part of the capital’s vibrant electronic music scene and are now widely regarded as one of the most exciting up-and-coming acts.

Their DJ sets feature a mix of uptempo house, minimal groove, electro, and UK garage, which creates an erratically funky atmosphere on any dancefloor they lead. The trio’s releases on Archie Hamilton’s MicroHertz Records, Increase The Groove, Salty Nuts, and Swerve Digital have only added to their appeal as they send shockwaves through the house music scene with their vibrant energy.

Despite their wild cosmic aesthetic, their sound always seems to resonate with listeners on Earth. We recommend these five Oden & Fatzo tracks if you’re newly interested in the whacky French DJs who dress as astronauts or if you just need a little pick me up.

1. Oden & Fatzo - Lauren (I Can’t Stay Forever)

This hit track gives a dancefloor-ready jolt to the admired dream-pop track “Lauren” by Men I Trust. Oden & Fatzo kept the song’s signature bass line and Emmanuelle Proulx’s vocals but upped the tempo to a rocking 128 BPM. To date, the track has reached nearly 30 million streams on Spotify and received epic remixes by Claptone and Jamie Roy.

2. Oden & Fatzo, Thurman - Marvel House

This straight-forward deep house cut is a collab between Oden & Fatzo and Thurman, the Parisian minimal house DJ. With lots of upbeat and no fuss, it caught the ear of rising UK star TSHA, who added it to her favorite track IDs. It comes from the Marvel House EP, a collaborative release between the two French acts released in 2022.

3. Oden & Fatzo - Denver In The Sky

Released as a single in 2021 to Pitch Records LTD, this sexy song is classic O&F. It’s deep house with hits of funk and a nod to disco vocals. Set to summery drum pads and feel-good bounce, the lighthearted energy of this track is grounded with sultry, soulful vocals that yearn throughout, “wanna be with you, can’t you see.”

4. Oden & Fatzo - Fast Life

Unearthed from their first EP, “Fast Life,” is a look at the early influences of Oden & Fatzo. Rather than sounding like a deep cut from Studio 54, this track feels more fitting for a mid-90s action scene. Psychedelic electronica slinks over a pulsing UK garage rhythm. It quickly sets the tone for the rest of the From da Split #1 EP, which also includes tracks from Luks and Kizoku. 

5. Oden & Fatzo - Solar Inertia

“Solar Inertia” is one of the rare O&F tracks we find in a minor key. Be that as it may, this track is anything but a downer. It still carries you wholeheartedly to the dancefloor, but maybe this time, you’re there to close your eyes and get carried away. With rush-inducing builds and oddly satisfying bleeps, this track is just another iteration of Oden & Fatzo’s tried and true club-drive sound.

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