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London’s own TSHA is, without a doubt, one of the artists who is driving the conversation about what’s coming next for dance music. Getting her start as a DJ in her hometown, playing everything from mobile sets to nightclubs, she has developed the kind of musical sensibilities that can attract both the most seasoned heads and brand new fans.

Her official production career began only back in 2018 with a pair of self-released EPs entitled Dawn and Sacred, respectively. With her intuitive sense of musicality, she was recruited to the Ninja Tune family of artists, starting out on the dance-driven imprint Counter Records, with her now-celebrated 2019 EP, Moonlight, then graduating to full-fledged label releases.

The first of her Ninja Tune bodies of work was her EP Flowers which saw her tap into her pure emotions as an artist and collaborate with vocalists including Eli Murphy and Trio Da Kali. This work with vocalists would go on to define her sound as she built a reputation as an artist who could seamlessly integrate the creativity of others into her own soundscapes.

Such efforts have culminated in her masterpiece debut album, Capricorn Sun, which was released on Ninja Tune in October 2022. With this sublime long-player, TSHA destroys the notion that there isn’t space for albums in the realm of dance music.

The fiery soul she channels into heavy kicks and tumbling breakbeats embodies the roots of dance music and the struggle that came with it. It is an album of release, of honesty. One that always makes sense no matter the time or place, the mood or the feeling.

Now all eyes and ears are on TSHA and where she will take her career next. She’s already playing top-level gigs like Peggy Gou’s night at Warehouse Project in Manchester and The Circoloco closing party in Ibiza.

The future could easily hold orchestral gigs with her level of refined talent. Either way, TSHA will not be far from any dance music conversation for years to come.