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Teisha Matthews, better known by her stage name TSHA, is a London-based DJ and producer who has stepped wholeheartedly into the limelight. Armed with a serotonin-rich blend of feel-good dance and underground house, Matthews has captivated audiences with her infectious energy and soulful sound.

When asked, Matthews recalls a live set in 2017 by fellow UK producer Bonobo as her moment of awakening. Though she had been producing on her own before then, at that moment, she knew that she wanted to pursue a music career. From then on, Matthews immersed herself in the world of DJing and producing, honing her craft and developing her unique sound.

Since then, Matthews has gone from burgeoning artist to club headliner. She’s become a festival regular – appearing on high-profile lineups alongside Derrick Carter, LP Giobbi, Moodymann, and Honey Dijon – and igniting dancefloors from the Midlands to Miami.

Matthews' rise has been dizzying, if not meteoric. In 2021, she was the face of Spotify’s "EQUAL" campaign, highlighting the past, present, and future of women in music. Matthews' rising success as a DJ and producer has garnered attention from numerous publications and platforms, landing her on magazine covers and billboards for Mixmag, Spotify, and Amazon. She has also been tapped for remixes and collaborations by Diplo, Lane 8, J Balvin, Ela Minus, Bronson.

2022 proved to be a busy year for Matthews. First, she released her entry into fabric presents lineage that Resident Advisor noted as “not the throwback fantasy of a DJ who has spent decades DJing but someone for whom even the relatively recent past is a blank canvas to reimagine, which Matthews does again and again, mashing eras and subgenres together.”

Then came her debut artist album, Capricorn Sun, produced with live performance in mind, assembling newer productions and classic Matthews singles into a body of work that feels undeniably alive with emotion and empathy.

Although Matthews' music is often sensitive and soulful, her DJ sets are a total party. They are filled with a bold, vibrant, uplifting energy you can’t help but emulate. This infectious energy earned her spots at big festivals and secured a residency with the legendary Circoloco in Ibiza. On stage, Matthews' dances and interacts with the crowd, seamlessly blending catchy dance classics with underground bangers. Her confident and controlled demeanor radiates positivity and joy.

With her unique blend of soulful sensitivity and hands-up energy, Matthews will remain an exciting and influential force in the UK and global music scenes for years to come.

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