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Emerging from the Parisian underground scene, Oden & Fatzo is a compelling electronic music trio poised to leave a significant imprint. Comprising three gifted members, William, Alex, and Abel, this group embodies a confluence of influences and experiences. Their individual talents combine to produce a fascinating fusion of sound, giving their music and vibrant live performances an unmistakable signature with their unique live production set up.

Originally formed in Paris, their music bridges different genres including minimal, house, and funky techno music, delivering an unusual blend of complex grooves, broken rhythms, and bright psychedelic ambiances. Despite their diverse musical backgrounds that span rock, funk, and psytrance, the trio has found a way to harmonize these influences into a seamless and intoxicating sound.

Recognized for their astronaut attire during performances, Oden & Fatzo have delivered performances at some of the most renowned venues worldwide. Some of their career highlights include performing at Insomniac's Day Trip Festival, DC10 in Ibiza for Michael Bibi's Solid Grooves, TRIIP Festival in Malta with an invite from FISHER, and at the 10-year anniversary of United ANTS at Ushuaïa Ibiza. They have also delivered an unforgettable set in New York City with Gray Area on The Roof at Superior Ingredients earlier this year.

The trio has gained international recognition with their hit record "Lauren (I Can't Stay Forever)," which has garnered over 42 million streams. This success caught the attention of Claptone & Jamie Roy, who both released an official remix. Their continued success has resulted in a busy summer tour performing internationally. Their music has reached wider audiences with features in a Boiler Room Live Set at FLY Open Air 2022 and releases on prominent record labels like Hedzup, Locus, MicroHertz, Pitch Records, and Knee Deep In Sound.

Oden & Fatzo run their own label, Saké Records, where they've hosted cosmic collaborations with artists such as Herr Krank, Theos, and Baccus. An upcoming release titled "Lady Love" is set to be launched on Defected Records.

Yet, despite their growing success, the trio remains grounded. Early in their career, they learned the vital lesson of not forcing creativity. A one-month break proved pivotal when they returned to produce "OB1 Kenobi" in a six-hour session, a track that gained over 100k plays and brought them into the international spotlight.

The trio believes in drawing inspiration from various sources such as cinema, books, comics, and manga. They understand the importance of balance, openness, and curiosity in their creative process, making their music not only a career but a lifestyle. For those who are just discovering Oden & Fatzo, there's a lot to look forward to from this exciting and innovative trio.

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