5 Remixes that Show a Different Side of Franky Wah

Sep 23, 2022

John Cameron

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Franky Wah’s career has allowed him to flex his versatility through not only his solo music but also collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance music. We would argue that some of the former footballer and bodybuilder’s most interesting releases are his official remixes, however.

They often follow similar themes: lush atmospheres and extended breakdowns that differentiate them from Franky’s typical, dancefloor-friendly fare. He doesn’t shy away from incorporating broken beat rhythms into a lot of his music, but they feature especially heavily in these remixes.

Franky’s versions of the following tracks highlight an unexpected facet of his music output. Read on to hear what we mean and experience this side of the British DJ and producer for yourself.

1. Duke Dumont - Therapy (Franky Wah Remix)

The original “Therapy” by Duke Dumont features drum samples and diva vocals reminiscent of early rave. Franky ignited a modern warmth around these elements in his take on the track, which leans heavily on cinematic bass lines and heavenly chords on the high end.

2. MJ Cole and Freya Ridings - Waking Up (Franky Wah Remix)

UK garage pioneer MJ Cole teamed up with vocalist Freya Ridings to deliver the melancholic “Waking Up” in February 2019. The following year, Franky delivered a version of his own. Appearing on his album The Revival, Vol. 1, it features progressive house synths and a change-up in beat structure that makes it a massive DJ tool.

3. Moby - In This World (Franky Wah Remix)

Also appearing on The Revival, Vol. 1, was Franky’s remix of “In This World” by Moby. The original — which appeared on Moby’s 2002 album 18 — paired a spine-tingling vocal with simple piano chords and a slow-burning rhythm. Frankie kept much of the concept intact, albeit with a higher tempo and updated production value.

4. Gorgon City - Oxygen ft. Aura James (Franky Wah Remix)

Danceable yet somewhat dark and introspective, “Oxygen” featuring Aura James is a standout of Gorgon City’s discography. Franky brought the intensity down in his remix while doubling down on the original’s suspense.

5. SHOUSE - Love Tonight (Franky Wah Remix)

Not long after SHOUSE delivered “Love Tonight,” it became a 2021 summer dance anthem. Franky reimagined the instant classic with effervescent synth work complementing its unforgettable vocal, leaving enough room for its instrumental samples to shine during the breakdown.

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