5 Stella Bossi Techno Bangers

Sep 26, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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Back in November 2018, Stella Bossi posted a clip on Instagram of herself dancing outside of Kater Blau in her hometown of Berlin, and her life was never quite the same. 350-plus wacky posts later, she's racked up 880,000 followers on the platform and launched an enviable career as a techno DJ and producer. She dropped her first original track, aptly titled "First Take," in November 2020 on her label The Beat Must Fuck, and has since released a string of techno bangers to soundtrack her hilarious social media antics.

1. Stella Bossi, Da Hool - System XTC

Bossi's sixth to date and first of 2022—is a collab with '90s German dance heavy-hitter Da Hool. It's a fiery heater sure to whip up any sweaty dancefloor into a frenzy and offers a fresh sound to the rising Berlin star's discography, combining her signature banging techno basslines with Da Hool's classic rave anthem sound.

2. Stella Bossi - Das Boot

"Das Boot" opens with a slowly marching horn-like bassline that builds up for over two minutes. It's a techno slow burner, a six-minute roller coaster of intensity. It's inspired by U96's 1991 German techno classic of the same name, which itself was a techno version of the theme song of the 1981 World War II five-hour film that also shares the same name. Her version is the perfect track to play while power walking to the club from the metro or vice versa.

3. Stella Bossi, Auk. - Poetry

Belgian newcomer Auk. was discovered by Bossi and was the first artist she signed to The Beat Must Fuck, which she launched in 2020 "to give small artists a chance and let the people hear music they really like." "Poetry" is an acid techno banger, described as "a poetry between" the two rising producers.

4. Stella Bossi - Tackle

"Tackle" dropped in October 2021 and is straight-up techno heat at its hottest. Six minutes of a brutal punishing bassline and rolling synths at 130 BPM, this one is an undeniable peak-time techno club banger.

5. Stella Bossi - First Take

Her first track was the second release on The Beat Must Fuck, following Auk. 's debut single, "Perspective." The techno jester and rave queen made her mark with a techno banger, obviously. "First Take" hits the ground banging with a tough-as-nails bassline, picking up some acid-tinged sparkles as it goes.

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