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Born and raised in Berlin, Stella Bossi was drawn to the pulsating beats and infectious energy of electronic dance music from a young age. Growing up amidst a city renowned for its techno heritage, she immersed herself in the underground club culture, inspired by legendary DJs and producers.

As her passion for music deepened, Stella ventured into performance art, becoming an Instagram sensation with 1.1 million followers. Her hilarious and absurd rave kid antics, along with her cool deadpan demeanor and signature dark sunglasses, captivated audiences worldwide. But Stella wasn't just an online star; she was a brilliant musician in her own right.

Taking her love for music to the next level, Stella Bossi established her music label, "thebeatmustfuck." It became a platform to showcase her raw talent and promote other emerging artists in the electronic music scene, including Chris Morgan, Nancy Live, Jay Norris, and more, turning it into a hub for cutting-edge sounds.

Stella's rise to fame extended beyond the internet; her performances on some of the biggest stages spoke volumes about her talent. She was voted the #1 DJ in Germany by Germany's biggest electronic music magazine, FAZE Mag, garnering over 23,000 votes.

During the summer of 2023, she headlined her own venue, attracting over 4,000 ravers to experience her powerful sets. Stella also graced iconic venues like Amnesia in Ibiza and Ampere Antwerp and embarked on a summer international tour, mesmerizing audiences at festivals such as Electric Love in Salzburg, Sea You Festival in Freiburg, and Parookaville in Flughafen Weeze, sharing stages with legends like Charlotte de Witte, FISHER, and Richie Hawtin. Additionally, she has plans to start her own cannabis company, where she will travel the world to test the best strains, develop her own, and bring it to Germany as soon as it is legal.

Stella's tracks have taken the music world by storm, with heart-stopping bangers like "Das Boot," "Molly For Breakfast," and "Poetry" amassing nearly 10 million combined streams on various platforms. In addition to releasing on her own label, her track, "3 Days Awake" with Marco Faraone, was also released on the imprint Filth On Acid.

From her early days as a rave kid in Berlin to commanding the dance floors of the world's most renowned clubs and festivals, Stella's journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and an undying love for house music. Her talent and success have solidified her position as a rising star in the electronic music scene, and her innovative approach continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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