Stella Bossi's Hilarious Rave Antics in 5 Videos

Nov 10, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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German techno DJ/producer Stella Bossi built her fanbase through her wild and irreverent social media posts celebrating rave life. From Smoking a Baguette to Making Techno From a Mercedes, she encapsulates the silliest parts of the culture.

We don't know much about the elusive and free-spirited techno DJ, producer, and rave queen Stella Bossi, but she has given us a taste of her wacky humor, creativity, and fun lifestyle through her social media posts. Her absurd antics helped her build a strong fanbase, so we went through her Instagram to pick out five of the funniest videos she's posted so far (although there are many more good ones, take a look yourself).

1. Parmesan time

To announce her show dates in Italy, Bossi posted a very cheesy video, and yes, it was the good kind of cheese. While dining at a restaurant, she requests the server to grate parmesan directly into her mouth, and he obliges. Sadly, we can't see his reaction, but part of the joy of this one is imagining it. The track is set to her brand-new track, "Boring Love," which was unreleased at the time of her parmesan feast.

2. Smoking baguette

She clearly has fun while dining out. In France, she lived out her interpretation of the "French lifestyle," smoking weed out of a tiny baguette and drinking champagne along the water. She rocked her best mime look to complete the vibe, rocking a vertical black-and-white-striped shirt, a black beret, and red cat-eye shades. Trés haute!

3. Running into your Berghain buds

Bossi often brings the rave to everyday life. Here, wearing "normal clothes," she channels the excitement and surprise of running into your club buddies out in real life. They see each other, lineup like superheroes, and, with a costume change, transform into their fierce raver selves. They dance to her track "Tackle." In the caption, she shouts out The Code Berlin, the store where they scored their enviable looks.

4. Mercedes techno

Scrolling through Bossi's Instagram must be something like a curated trip through her mind, and surely there's hilarious content ideas and techno blasting though her brain at all times. During the 2020 lockdown, she found many ways to keep techno alive. In this video, she creates a techno track out of looped sounds from a Mercedes, dancing along as the car moves with her. But seriously, when are you dropping this one, Stella?

5. Nutella coffee

In all her content, the Berliner serves her most stern "I belong in Berghain but I don't give a fuck" face. Yet, in this 2019 video, we witness her crack a grin at her own ridiculousness. One of her many great food videos, she spoons a giant scoop of Nutella into her mouth, laughing and trying not to choke. The caption reads, "In Italy we like some small sweets to our coffee."

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