How A Random Late Night Video Led to Stella Bossi's Viral Success

Nov 10, 2022

Ana Monroy Yglesias

2 min read

Sometime in November 2018, Stella Bossi had a wild night out clubbing, nothing out of the ordinary for the techno-loving Berliner. But what followed was the birth of her elusive and whacky social media persona.

She and her friends were standing outside of the club Kater Blau while figuring out where to afterparty. She was still dancing and handed her phone to her friend Toby and asked him to take a video of her. She later posted it on Instagram, her first video and fifth post on the account. It's a simple, short clip of her grooving with a stern face and sunglasses while donning her rave attire, a colorful leotard. She soundtracked it with a fitting theme song, Claptone's "Party Girl," and added a simple caption that translates to "Whoa! Last weekend!"

"When I started doing Instagram, I didn't have a plan," Bossi explained to Playful Magazine. "At the end of 2018 I posted a picture of myself and also started looking at other people's content. I noticed that I quickly get bored with most of the content and decided to do something creative. The dancing then came along after a wild club night."

The video was a hit, capturing a sliver of a night (or morning) out in Berlin. It has racked up 70,000 views and counting, gained Bossi new fans, and set the tone for her many popular videos and posts that followed.

She's become something of a rave performance artist since, taking her wild party girl antics into more public places. And while her fans wait on bated breath for her next video drop, the public hasn't always been so welcoming.

"Of course, I got in trouble while shooting," she continues. "Everything from being kicked out of the supermarket to getting surprised cops called after me, everything has happened."

Her antics have made her an unofficial techno mascot. And Toby, who shot her first video, has continued to capture her content and become an integral part of her team, as she now DJs and raves worldwide.

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