Brooklyn Paramount: A Resurgence of Live Entertainment in NYC's Historic Gem

Feb 20, 2024

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On March 29th, The Martinez Brothers are taking over the Brooklyn Paramount, a venue that's not just a part of New York City's music history but a cornerstone of its cultural heartbeat. Having thrown open its doors once more after a groundbreaking redevelopment, the Brooklyn Paramount blends its storied past, dating back to 1928 as America's pioneering movie theater for sound, with the vibrancy of modern live shows.

This iconic spot, which has seen performances from legends like Duke Ellington to Frank Sinatra, now boasts a 2,700-person capacity, state-of-the-art sound, and lighting, setting the perfect stage for the house music maestros. As The Martinez Brothers prepare to add their name to the Paramount's illustrious list of performers, fans are in for an unforgettable blend of historical ambiance and contemporary beats.

The grand reopening on March 27 signals not just a return but a new chapter for live music in Brooklyn, making the Paramount a key player in the borough's vibrant music scene. The venue's design, with a grand stage and updated backstage amenities, caters to artists' needs, ensuring a top-notch performance environment. Local artists' work featured throughout adds a unique Brooklyn touch, connecting the venue's historic legacy with the community's contemporary culture.

This renovation has also been a boon for local employment, creating over 250 permanent jobs and involving more than 500 local tradespeople in the construction process. A partnership with Long Island University provides internships and part-time jobs, offering students invaluable industry experience.

The lineup for the opening season is as diverse as it is exciting, with artists like PinkPantheress, Norah Jones, Mariah The Scientist, and Busta Rhymes, showcasing the venue's commitment to hosting a wide range of musical genres. The Brooklyn Paramount is set to be a go-to spot for music lovers, blending the old with the new in a venue that's as much about making history as it is about celebrating it.

The reopening of the Brooklyn Paramount is more than just the revival of a music venue; it's a reflection of Brooklyn's dynamic culture and a nod to its future. As it opens its doors to a new generation of performers and fans, the Paramount stands ready to host more unforgettable moments, proving that some places don't just witness history—they continue to make it.

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