Cell Injection’s Pre-History Extends Back to the Genesis of LA Techno

Jun 8, 2023

John Cameron

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Drumcell and Truncate’s Cell Injection project takes its name from the two artists’ 2009 collaborative EP. Each boasts a much longer résumé in the Los Angeles underground techno scene, where they started working closely together in the first place.

At that, Drumcell (real name Moe Espinosa) played a key role in the origin story of that specific scene. Having worked in recording studios since he was only 13, he saved up money after graduating from music production and engineering school to help cofound the legendary DROID BEHAVIOR event brand in the year 2000.

DROID BEHAVIOR gatherings started as a few dozen techno enthusiasts and grew big enough to fill massive, disused warehouses. LA had a rave scene before then, to be sure, but the events played no small part in bringing a subversive and authentic techno community to a city otherwise associated with entertainment’s commercial side.

David Flores, best known nowadays as Truncate, also cut his teeth as a DJ in the ’90s rave scene. He began to associate with DROID in 2003, at which time he performed under the moniker Audio Injection. He was an esteemed resident of the event brand’s Interface party series and had numerous records signed to its in-house record label.

As the years have passed, the careers of Drumcell and Truncate have grown more closely intertwined with one another. Their 2009 Cell Injection EP led to a bonafide side project which sees Espinosa’s meticulous methodology strike a compelling balance with Flores’ off-the-cuff improvisation. Recent years have also seen the two artists work together on the Observe party series, a fast favorite among techno diehards in countless regions.

With roots planted firmly in the foundation of LA techno, Cell Injection draws upon a wealth of rich experience in each performance. Techno is about the future, though, and both artists have proven capable of carving out a lane that leads to brighter horizons.

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