The EP That Started Drumcell and Truncate’s Cell Injection Side Project

Jun 9, 2023

John Cameron

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The name Cell Injection has practically become as beloved as those of its members themselves: Los Angeles luminaries Drumcell and Truncate. Before they adopted it as their side project, however, it was the title of their collaborative 2009 EP.

The Cell Injection EP was by no means Drumcell and Truncate’s first time working together. The two have collaborated on music since they were teenagers. Shortly after Drumcell (real name Moe Espinosa) cofounded the DROID BEHAVIOR event brand in 2000, Truncate (real name David Flores) became one of its resident DJs — at the time, under his Audio Injection alias.

The creative chemistry was undeniable when they delivered the Cell Injection EP. The titular track showcased the deliberate use of cinematic textures characteristic of Espinosa’s music. Offsetting it was Flores’ willingness to embrace happy accidents and adapt his vision as he makes compelling, new studio discoveries.

“We weren’t even going as Cell Injection as artists; it was the Drumcell and Audio Injection Cell Injection EP,” Espinosa told XLR8R. “That reached some pretty high charts. Speedy J and Chris Liebing supported it a lot and we started getting a lot of interest from people to do remixes together or play together.”

Also appearing on the effort were three remixes of “Cell Injection.” Acid Circus fitted his rendition with a somewhat housey bass line, whereas Tony Rohr added hypnotic atmospheres to his own interpretation of the source material. Rounding out the EP was a remix by Tim Xavier, whose echoey vocal refrain gave it a measure of brooding darkness.

The Cell Injection EP was only the beginning. Espinosa and Flores carry the spirit of collaboration at its core with them to their performances together across the globe. When they’re both behind the decks, all in attendance can expect the unexpected — even them. It is this very sense of adventure that ensures the project has a long and promising future.

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